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why does my baby wake up at 3am every night

I read in the baby Whisperer book that you can break a habit of waking up at the same time by going into your LO's room about half an hour before and half waking them up - just so they start to stir. Then leave and let them settle themselves down again themselves. The idea is that they will be back in a deep sleep and will miss their usual time slot. Unfortunately this means you'll have to get up at 2. 30am to do this - and you have to do it for about a week!

Or you could do a dream feed - or make it later if you are already doing one. I have managed to get DS
(dear son) to go from 11. 30pm to 5am a couple of times but it doesn't always work. (Last night he woke up at 2. 30. ) Hope this helps. x Hi, My DD is almost 1, but since she has been about 10 months old, she has been waking at around 3am every morning.

Sometimes, she is wide awake and ready to play. I had been blessed before this as she was a perfect all night sleeper. She still has 2 sleeps during the day, and she needs them, so i don t think that she is getting too much sleep during the day, as some people have suggested to me. I have made sure she is warm and the room is warm. I know she is not hungry as she is a good eater. (I don t think its hunger).

I put her to bed at 7. 30 every night - and she goes to sleep easily. Its like she has had enough sleep at 3am and is ready to play. (I can tell you that mum and dad are not ready to play at this time Can anybody offer me some advice? I m pretty sure its that she just can t settle herself when she wakes, but how can i teach her to? I have her dummy clipped to her clothes, hoping she will find it herself, but this doesn t have seemed to have worked?

Sometimes i wake before 3am and lay awake until she does cry, i go in straight away and put the dummy in and then she sometimes sleeps. Other times, i try and wait until she cries herself to sleep, but she just keeps crying. Any advice would be truly helpful, as i need some sleep Thanks for reading. Edited by jessa06, 05 August 2007 - 09:21 PM.

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