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why my baby wont sleep at night

Remember when you used to lay down, close your eyes, and just
sleep? Remember when Saturdays meant you could sleep in? Remember when you were woken up by an alarm clock rather than a crying baby? When baby doesn t sleep, no one sleeps, and while it is natural for young infants to wake frequently during the night, an older baby who s up all night can really start to wear down his parents. If your baby just isn t sleeping through the night, you re probably beginning to feel pretty desperate. You want to know Why won t my baby sleep? and, most importantly, How can I get my baby to sleep? There are many reasons why a baby won t sleep, but when your baby is blind you have even more issues to consider. We ve compiled five reasons why a baby might not sleep. Some of these problems are experienced by all babies, some are specific to blind babies. Following each sleep problem is a sleep solution, including ideas on how you may overcome your baby s sleep problem. Each baby is different and what works for one may not work for another. Pick a solution that seems to best fit your situation and give it a week trial. If it doesn t work, move on to another. We know you ll find something that works!

Sleep Problem #1: You rock and sing your baby to sleep and he goes down within five minutes. But for how long? He s up again in an hour and you pick him up, rock him, and sing until he falls asleep again. An hour later, he s up! And on it goes all night. The problem with this scenario, according to experts, is that your baby has not learned the skill of putting himself to sleep. We all wake up now and then throughout the night as we move between different levels of sleep. The difference with most adults, however, is that we can simply roll over and go back to sleep. Babies who have always been put to sleep may not develop the skills necessary to put themselves back to sleep once they ve woken in the middle of the night. Sleep Problem #2: Sometimes your baby goes down for a nap in the middle of the day and just won t wake up. Other times she s up all night and wants to play. The problem here may be that your baby has little or no light perception and cannot differentiate between day and night. Sleep Problem #3: Maybe you have a mellow baby or maybe your baby is delayed in some of his gross motor skills. Either way, if your baby is passive most of the day and doesn t spend much energy he may not be ready for bed at the appointed hour.

Sleep Problem #4: No matter how tired she may be, your baby just loves to get up and play! The problem here may be that your baby craves interaction and wants to have fun all night. Sleep Problem #5: When people ask how your baby sleeps, your answer is that he sleeps wonderfully at 1 pm and terribly at 1 am. If your baby takes long afternoon naps but then has difficulty sleeping at night you may need to take drastic measures. Whether sighted or blind, it s important that your baby gets enough sleep. Hopefully these tips will bring peace to your night time routine. If you ve tried these solutions, however, and your baby still won t sleep it may be time to try the dreaded. Read this article in Arabic: Read this article in Dutch: Popping back in with an update. So my milk is properly in and we are feeding about 2. 5-3 hourly at the moment. Day feeds tend to stretch out sleep time to about 3 hours whereas nights are about 2 hourly. We are getting better at latching so that is taking some of the pressure off. We do feed, burp, nappy, play/resettle then down for a sleep in a small bassinet type thing.

This works during the day. Where she sleeps in her bassinet thing in the living room, temp controlled to 21 deg with noise in the background, usually tv or radio. At night we do the same except the bassinet is in our room, night light on, no noise. Our room temp is set to 21 degrees and she wears a singlet, onesie and is wrapped in a pure baby cotton blanket. As soon as we put her in the bassinet in this environment she cries and won t sleep. Only way to get her to sleep is in bed between DH and I. I ve tried pacing, rocking, bouncing, putting her in a love to dream swaddle, regular swaddling, warming the bassinet with a hot water bottle before she goes in, putting my smell via clothing in bassinet. Any other suggestions? Over the next few nights I will try: -Warming the room/ adding another layer or blanket. I m wondering what temp to make the room? I thought 23 deg might be too high? But willing to give that a shot. - Some snuggling time semi upright, before placing her in bassinet? Could in be a burping/wind reflux thing? - sleeping with my hand on her chest until she falls into a deep sleep. Any other thoughts?

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