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why does my car rev high when i start it

Common causes of high RPM excursion at start-up are typically: large vacuum leak, cruise control stepper motor stuck in one position; faulty, and/or faulty. If you request a diagnostic by a certified YourMechanic technician, he or she would first check to see if any. If no codes were set, the technician would go through the referenced possibilities until the root cause of the
is found. Once the idle excursion is resolved, the rough running condition would be evaluated. The causes of rough idle slightly overlap the problem areas cited above but there are lots of additional causes such as faulty fuel and ignition system components and, of course, mechanical problems such as uneven cylinder compression, burnt valves and so forth.

If you desire to set up a diagnostic to resolve both the high idle and rough running condition, please schedule with YourMechanic. If the idle shoots up just after startup then drops down, this is not usually a major cause for concern, and often normal. Although 2000 rpm does seem a little high, 1500 rpm isnвt really to out of the ordinary, as long as it drops back down to normal. If this is indeed what it does.

Of course, all vehicles will idle high when cold. It is necessary for cold start up. Depending on the outside temperature, it should drop down to normal in a few minutes. Longer if it is near freezing outside. The throttle bodies on your particular Accord are susceptible to carbon build up. It can make the throttle plate stick. There are also reports that the throttle plate can warp causing high idle issues. Usually these problems make the idle stay high under all conditions. Other conditions that can cause high idle are vacuum leaks that allow more air into the motor.

These can be intermittent problems, but not usually. Some areas to look are around the points that the intake manifold bolts to the head, EGR valve and EGR valve ports, broken vacuum hoses, and a failed brake vacuum booster. Other than a high idle that doesnвt drop to normal, the only problems that should be addressed sooner than later are vacuum leaks. Vacuum leaks can lead to other internal motor damages that will be much more expensive to fix. If the problem persists, you may want to by a professional technician to determine if any repairs are needed.

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