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why does my car lean to one side

Stuck struts, springs, and shock absorbers
: Struts are what suspends the body of your vehicle above the wheels. They help transfer the weight of the car to the wheels. They also contain the shock absorbers, which help absorb the impact of the road so that you have a smooth ride. The shock absorbers are able to absorb so much force because they rely on coil springs. All three of these components Б the coil springs, shock absorbers, and struts Б can become stuck on one side of the vehicle. When this happens, that corner of the vehicle wonБt be able to move up and down the way that it is supposed to, and it will be stuck higher or lower than the other side of the vehicle.

Bent suspension or twisted chassis : The suspension and the chassis are two of the largest and most important components of any vehicle. These two parts of the car are the foundation of the vehicle. When one of them is bent, or twisted, the foundation of the car is no longer straight and balanced, and the vehicle will lean in one direction or the other. Tires are not consistent in size : It goes without saying that a fully inflated tire stands taller than a deflated one. As such, a car with fully inflated tires will be a different height than a car with deflated tires.

If one or two of your tires is low on air, while the rest are fully inflated, it can cause your car to lean one way or the other. Or, if one or two of your tires are simply a different size specification than the others, your car will have a noticeable lean. I've noticed when my car is on the drive way, it leans over to one side (drivers side) It does this with no one in the car. Usually its just me driving around in it, but I'm not particular a fatty or anything. There is nothing heavy in the boot or anything.

Took the handbrake off, in case it was the brakes pulling it down to one side or something, but the lean is still there. I measured the distance from the wheel arch to the bottom of the rim on all corners, and it seems the drivers side is 10mm lower than the passenger side. Doesn't sound a lot I guess, but enough to notice the lean. It is a Mitsubishi Lancer Sport (not Evo), which had quite stiff/low stock suspension, and I have driven over some crappy roads, and carried heavy stuff to the local tip, so perhaps I've knackered the springs or something?

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