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why does my baby squirm while sleeping

My 9 week old for the past few weeks has been squirming, grunting and moving her head from side to side in her sleep. Her eyes are still closed, and even in her love to dream swaddle, she ll use her hands to rub her face. non stop for hoooours, on and off. It usually starts around 2amish all through until 7am. I cannot sleep during this period, and it s driving me crazy. She looks so unsettled. surely she cannot be having a restful sleep? I can t ignore it. Sometimes if I leave her going for too long she ll wake or its as if she ll get frustrated. I know it s her light sleep as when she s in her deep sleep phases she ll be quiet and still. I ve tried swaddling, unswaddling, dummy, not dummy, hot cold, nappy changes, infant friend, colic calm, you name it.

I ll touch her chest or arms to help soothe her in the middle of the night (she sleeps next to me in the cosleeper). it calms her for all of 2 seconds then she ll start up again. Anyone have this experience? Do they grow out of it? Is it due to reflux or wind? I m googling my heart out and no one seems to know. Getting a bit desperate now. I m not ready to have her sleep in her own room. And she uses a dummy from time to time so if she spits it out she ll probably cry and I ll have to get up to put it back in. I just want her to be more still and settled. my sleep is suffering from it dramatically too. (My husband can sleep through it easily).
Our baby boy is 3 weeks old and has had bad gas since day one.

He's always unsettled and only seems to have one or two sleeps during the day when he is peaceful and it's only if he's moving in the car, on me after feeding or in the pack on my front. In the day he falls asleep on my boob and once I take my nipple out he starts to squirm. At night he falls asleep on me again but once he is out down in his crib he stays asleep but starts moaning and groaning and drawing his legs up. We have tried burping, bicycle legs, tummy massage, osteopath, infacol, homeopathic drops.

I'm following a strict diet, no dairy or gassy vegetables. Nothing has made a difference. It's just so hard to watch him in pain. He's sleeping for 3-4 hrs at the start of the night then about 2 hour stretches after that and he's so loud I sleep in the spare room and my husband sleeps in our room with him in his crib and he puts him I On his chest or oats him to try and string out his sleep a bit longer so I can at least get a couple of two hour stretches of sleep. He seems to want to feed very frequently during the day and the osteopath and some if the midwives seem to think he's feeding to sooth his belly.

I feel like when ever he's in distress the only way I can settle him is to feed him. Is this bad? I feel like its a vicious cycle as it just causes more gas. We sleep him on his belly as it seems to make him more comfortable and he has a strong neck and can lift his head and move it from side to side. In saying that this means we don't swaddle. Sorry for the novel but is anyone else experiencing this and have any advice? Everyone says oh he will grow out if it but it's really challenging my husband and I and he has to go back to work soon so without his help at night to settle him in between feeds I will defiantly struggle.

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