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why does my baby squirm while breastfeeding

I think it could be a bit of a continuim with your difficulties with bfing, blackroses. You ve had attachment difficulties which sometimes don t disappear but they may be handled. Dd was a terribly fussy feeder, coming on and off, screaming. The way I fed her was to switch sides back and forth when she did this, she didn t do it all the time though. She d have up to 8 sides during one of those fussy feeds. Is it at all feeds or more at a particular time of the day, ie evening/afternoon? I d consider not feeding on a chair with arms, ie nothing t kick off then, try a couch, sitting in the middle.

Dd wasn t able to be fed in a chair with arms for very long due to the kicking off the edge of the arms. As a pp mentioned, you could try some breast compressions/squeezing, just before she fusses or pulls off, it might help the flow and thwart her fussy attack. If you ve tried the breast compressions without benefit then you can try the switch feeding as another pp mentioned, it may be that the milk isn t flowing well and she wants more but cant get it.

You don t try to put her on the same side, you put her on the other and then if she fusses again, you switch again. It s not the usual way to feed but if it has benefits, ie baby drinks more milk and fusses less, then it can be a valid method of feeding. But the most ideal thing to do is to see if you can see the LC again, if it keeps continuing and you don t know why she is doing it or how to manage it, having the LC watch a feed is best as she can get an understanding of what your baby is doing and why.

It s tricky as it could be flow slowing, it could be air, it could be a part of normal behavior for a 7 week old. Perhaps try some of the tactics and see how you go. You could also ring the ABA helpline as it might be easier to talk about it. All the best.
Mine started doing that at about 5 months but it was only because we both had gotten Thrush. It makes your nipples sensative and a little painful while nursing and you may be mistaking one pain for the other.

And if your baby has it, it will make it painful for them to nurse, hense the balking. Also, if it gets to a certain point they will get white cottage cheese looking spots in their mouth. If I were you I'd search the symptoms of Thrush in mommy and baby, like flaky nipples and see if that could be the cause. It is totally treatable but you gotta get it from the Dr. Disclaimer: You might not have this at all!! But I wanted to give you different advice just in case.

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why does my baby squirm while feeding
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