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why does my computer says script error

Mayra with Technical Support,
Thank you for responding to my post regrading the Internet Explorer script error I am getting on different WebPages. The first time I had this issue, I was on Facebook, but it is not isolated to just that site? I first noticed this behaviour on other, but not all WebSites, and it is annoying issue. The first method from the your support site Method #1 is exactly the same default setting I have on my PC, and I have the Delete browsing history on exit box checked. Method #2 should not be an issue, because I have set-up to Automatically delete all temp files, and I only keep three days of history on file, and I allow the website to caches and database. And when I view the cookies folder, I do have a facebook cookie file on file. However, I have manually deleted the Temporary Internet files, Cookies, History many times alsoв but I still have the issue. Method #3 appears to be moot, since I am running Windows 10 Pro, and all Critical updates are downloaded and installed automatically.

However, I also manually check of updates regularly too, so my computers Services Packs should all be current. ActiveX controls, and Java programs are not blocked, and since I am running WebRoot I did a Google Search and when I clicked on the WebRoot community link, I got warning error on their site? https://community. webroot. com/t5/Webroot-SecureAnywhere-Antivirus/how-do-I-authorize-java-and-java-script/td-p/167421 I checked my ActiveX Filtering for the Internet Zone it is enabled, but the Automatic prompting for ActiveX is disabled. But I also have a Local Internet Zone, and that did not have the ActiveX setting enabled, so I checked, and applied that setting as enabled, and the Enabled Protected Mode is also checked. I am running WebRoot for my Anti-Virus program and I have it set to the default of Deep Scan for rootkits, trojans, and other threats. Method #2, I also tried to research if WebRoot was scanning the Temporary Internet Files folder or the Downloaded Program Files folder.

But rather than spend too much time I decided reset my WebRoot security application back to Default, to hopefully eliminate issues with the Temporary and downloaded program files? Method #3 suggested that I remove the check for Smooth Scrolling, and I did have to uncheck mine. Method #4, according to you documentation, appears to not be an issue for Windows 10 users? But I did do a Run command desk. cpl to to view those options anyway, but I as said beforeв I donвt this applies to Win10 users? Method #5 I did run the dxdiag command, and my system is currently running version DirectX12. And this is what your documentation said about DirectX 11. 3 and 12 are included with these Windows versions. Updates will be available through Windows Update. There is no stand-alone package for these versions of DirectX. m unclear about the difference between the two types, but since it talks about Version 12 and that is what I am running, it appears that I am current and up to date.

I rebooted but I still have this issue? Sincerely, Script error is a common runtime error that takes place in Microsoft Internet Explorer. It occurs while you are browsing the Web and trying to open a web page that has faulty HTML or Java code. Internet Explorer is designed to debug script errors and when it is unable to do so, IE displays script error messages. You may choose to change certain settings in order to get rid of the script error messages permanently. Launch Internet Explorer from the Start menu. Click on Tools from the top menu. Choose Internet Options. It should be the very last option in the Tools drop-down menu. Hit the Advanced tab. Scroll down the list of options until you see the heading Browsing. Click to check the Disable Script debugging (Internet Explorer) check box. Click to check the Disable Script debugging (Other) check-box. Hit Apply. Hit OK.

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