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why does limburger cheese smell so bad

One of the most traditional ways of eating limburger is the. After three months, when the cheese has ripened, it becomes spreadable. The cheese is often spread thick (more than 0. 5Pcm or 0. 2Pinch) on firm-textured 100%, with a large, thick slice of, and is typically served with strong black coffee or. Alternatively, chunks or slices of the cheese up to 1. 5Pcm (0. 6Pinch) thick can be cut off the block and placed in the sandwich. This sandwich remains very popular among the
in the, in places like and in. However, it is markedly less popular among the descendants born after about 1960, mainly because of the permeating smell and the inconvenience of going to specialty cheese and sausage shops to obtain it. [ In Wisconsin, the Limburger sandwich can be found on menus at certain restaurants, accompanied by brown mustard. Limburger and its characteristic odor are a frequent butt of jokes. Reactions to, and misinterpretations of, the smell of Limburger cheese were gags used in numerous and comedy shorts.

Also, the arch-enemy of the has the name Lawrence Limburger, complete with terrible body odor. A study showing that the malaria ( ) is attracted equally to the smell of Limburger and to the smell of human feet earned the in 2006 in the area of biology. The results of the study were published in the medical journal on 9 November 1996. Here is a list of the Top 10 Stinkiest Cheeses in the World. 10. Taleggio It s not the prettiest cheese to look at but, unlike most stinky cheeses, Taleggio really doesn t smell so bad. Appreciated for its strong taste and soft texture, this Italian cheese is becoming more and more popular on a national level and it s even getting ready to make its debut on foreign markets. 9. Stilton Blue Stilton has been called the king of English cheeses on more than one occasion and if you subscribe to the smellier the better school, you ll definitely want to try it.

The texture of this British cheese varies from hard and crumbly to very soft, almost butter-like, depending on how mature it is. The older the cheese the softer and smellier it is. 8. Stinking Bishop One of the oldest types of cheese in the world, Stinking Bishop dates back to the time of the Cistercian monks. It s produced out of pasteurized Gloucestershire cows milk and then washed with Stinking Bishop Pear juice, which makes the rind orange and really sticky. 7. Limburger Mainly produced in Germany, Limburger is perhaps the most popular of all smelly cheeses. It is fermented using Brevibacterium linens, a bacterium partly responsible for the smell of the human body. As a result, when people say Limburger smells like human feet they are scientifically correct. 6. Roquefort One of the most sought-after cheeses on the planet, Roquefort was banned in countries like Australia and New Zealand until recently.

Produced out of raw sheep s milk and matured in caves around the small village of Roquefort, Southern France, this stinky dairy product is as dangerous as it is tasty. Because the milk is not pasteurized, there is a risk of listeria infection, which can be deadly for some people and could cause pregnant women to lose their babies. 5. Brie de Meaux Just for the record, this is not the kind of pasteurized-milk Brie that you can find on the American market. We re talking about the original, raw cow s milk Brie that the French love so much. It s a very creamy cheese, covered by a thick, white mold crust which true cheese-connoisseurs say should be eaten, not thrown away. 4. Epoisses One of Napoleon s favorites, Epoisses is definitely one of the smelliest cheeses you can find. Just so you get an idea of its repulsive odor, you should know that Epoisses has been banned from public transportation vehicles all over France.

It is made from raw cow s milk and its rind is washed with pomace brandy. 3. Munster This French cheese is often called Monster Cheese б due to its unbearable odor. It comes from the French region of Alsace where it s produced from raw cow s milk and left to mature in damp cellars. Its rind is washed regularly with salted water. 2. Camembert Rich in chemicals like ammonia, sodium chloride, and succinic acid, Camembert de Normandy smells like the secret project of a chemical company. Made from unpasteurized cow s milk and left to mature for 3 weeks, Camembert is a soft, runny cheese normally eaten with a spoon. 1. Pont l Eveque This smelly French delicacy is one of the oldest known types of cheese, dating back to the 13th century. To be honest, it smells like it s that old too. This is the kind of food you want to keep wrapped-up in the fridge unless you want everything else smelling like it.

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