why does my baby spit up water

7. Sleeping Position
Frequent spitting up especially with larger amounts happens when you have not put her in the. Spitting up may prevent her from breathing. When lying down, there is a great possibility that spits will go out to the mouth and the nose as well. Most likely it will lead to choking your baby while sleeping. This is a very critical situation that you should be focusing on. Prevent SIDS in all situations. 8.

Pyloric Stenosis This is an abnormality that occurs when your babyвs stomach muscles are too big to let the food pass through. When the muscles contracts, the liquid coming in will shoot up back where it came from. This of liquid may be a result of medical reaction from antibiotics taken by moms as medication. 9. Motherвs Diet One cause of baby spitting up clear liquid is the allergy of dairy products.

There are two ways wherein babies can get those allergies. It could be the milk formula that you have chosen to feed her or the diet you as a mother is having. Baby formula can easily be corrected, right? However, for mothers, this could be a little bit complicated. Concerned moms drastically change their diet pattern as soon as they found out about allergic reactions to their infants.

To help you with this, you need to follow some diet programs that would be recommended by your pediatrician. In the case of uncontrollable baby spitting, it is time to call a doctor. Basically, the babyБs physical developmental process is whatБs behind baby spitting up clear liquid. In between the bottom of the esophagus and the top of the stomach, lies a muscle.

This sphincter muscle keeps food from coming back up ( ). However, in the case of a young baby, this muscle still has to mature. So a combination of a tiny stomach that holds limited amounts of food and a muscle that is still developing causes or breast milk to go into reverse. As a baby grows, the muscle БlearnsБ how to perform its rightful task of keeping food where it belongs, in the stomach.

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