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why does my cat roll around in his litter box

Believe it or not, sometimes a cat is rolling in her litter box to get clean -- or what passes as clean to a cat. This process is called dust bathing. Your cat is doing it so she can immediately lick the dust from her skin. This harmless behavior shouldnвt be occurring daily, but rather every few weeks or so. It may not seem clean to you, but to a cat she's replenishing her body with bacteria. Just like when an outside cat rolls in the dirt, indoor cats roll in their litter boxes.

They allow the dust to settle on their fur. Afterward, they lick off the dust, essentially filling their bodies with helpful bacteria through ingestion. You may not be able to stop this behavior, as itвs a natural feline instinct.
Caymus thinks litter boxes are sandboxes and he likes to roll in them. Gross =). Why Do Cats Roll Around in a Litter Box? My parents, Caymus (if you re then you know how crazy I am about Caymus) likes to roll around in his litterbox. б It s gross.

Recently, a Floppycats reader wrote me and told me that her kitten does it and she wanted to break her of it. б Well, I said, it s doubtful she will be broken of it because Caymus at 10 years old is STILL doing it. As it turns out, this is a perfectly normal, healthy behavior. Dust bathing is an activity in which cats instinctively engage when they are in the wild. If a cat is unable to dust bathe outdoors, they will use litter boxes to compensate.

Dust bathing enables cats to cover themselves in beneficial digestive bacteria (which they subsequently lick off and ingest) as well as scratch itches that they would otherwise be unable to reach. Scent marking is a process whereby a cat deposits the scent produced by glands located along the tail, on the chin, on the sides of the head, between the front paws, and near the genitals, thus marking any area where that scent has been deposited as belonging to them.

It is particularly likely that cats will scent mark a litter box if there are multiple cats competing for access to the same litter box. It is important to keep in mind that because cats frequently groom themselves, it is unlikely that cats rolling around in their litter boxes will pose health risks to their owners so long as they are not petted immediately after having been in the box. Does your kitty roll around in his or her litter box?

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