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why does my cat randomly run around the house

Another time Kitty may run around the house is while you're trying to get some sleep. In the wild, Kitty would be nocturnal, meaning he's awake at night. Cats also do most of their hunting at night. Us humans have the strange habit of sleeping for long periods of time, usually at night.

Kitty tends to take his long hours of sleep in short bursts. He'll probably take advantage of the quiet time when you're away at work to nap. It's also a good way to keep from getting bored when his favorite person is away.

Since he's spent most of the day resting, when you're ready to call it a night, he's ready to play. He'll keep himself entertained by chasing his toys or buddies around the house.
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why does my cat run through the house
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why does my cat run around the house
why does my cat run around at night
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