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why does my computer run slow on facebook

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this so sorry if it's in the wrong section. On every computer I've used in the past maybe 2 years, from 2 different powerful desktops, to 3 different laptops and friends computers, my Facebook is incredibly slow, to the point that it's almost unusable. I just end up using the app on my phone most of the time and have mostly given up trying to use the website. It seem to work fine in other browsers, tried IE and Firefox and it works, still fairly slow but a lot faster than in Chrome.

It doesn't matter what network I'm on as this happens on my laptop on wi-fi anywhere I'm on and as well on my desktop which is hard wired. I have tried, disabling all extension, using incognito mode and no change. I cannot find anything with any of the computers or networks I've used that would cause this so I'm thinking it could be something with settings related to my Facebook account itself, which still seems weird as this only happens in Chrome.
Access to FB account is EXTREMELY slow.

So slow that most of th time cannot do anything; the wait mouse icon never goes away and FB does not respond to mouse clicks. Issue is not internet speed: all other sites work normally; google maps (for example) updates quickly on zoom change.

Issue is not browser. Same problem on IE and Chrome. Issue is not FB in general: Another FB account works fine on IE, Mozilla and Chrome on same computer. Conclude that issue is with the account settings, somehow. However, access is so slow that I can t get at the Privacy Settings to delete apps, or do anything else. Is there a way to have FB reset the account to minimum state, as if it were new--including removal of all apps?

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