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why does lebron james wear a headband

For nearly 12 seasons and more than 1,000 consecutive games, LeBron James was rarely ever seen on the court without a headband. During Game 6 of the
James headband was knocked off, and he proceeded to take over a must-winPgame, finishing with a triple-double but he decided to play Game 7 with a headband. In March, James played against the Dallas Mavericks without a headband, marking the first time he started a game without one since the preseason of his rookie year, according to.

James hasn t worn on since that game, and he finally revealed the reasoning behind the switch. Via I did it because I just wanted to look like my teammates. Just wanted to be one. Nothing more than that. Spitballing here. He use to be super self-conscience about his reseeding hairline and would use the headband to hide it.

I think he even wore an oversized band to cover more. Then he did hair transplants to help it a little although not entirely fixed. But I think he got so self conscience about it that it messed with his mental. Then I think last year or maybe the year before the headband fell off in a playoff game and he said fuck it and never put it back on during the game.

Then there was a little media attention about it and he decided he doesn t need the headband and didn t wear it the next game. Now I think he s finally over come being self-conscience about it and now he feels free and comfortable without it. Probably totally left field but maybe in the ballpark?

Edit: not changing reseeding. Edit: can anyone find that game where the band feel off. I remember he was kind of stressing where it went but I think it got kicked to the side so finally he was like fuck it and left it off for the game. Edit. the commentators joke about it around 2:50. I truly think this was a turning point in Lebron s headband career.

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