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why does my car amplifier cut off

They are usually fused for excessive curent draw (there should be a fuse at the battery to protect the wire and most amps have fuses on the chassis to protect the amp itself) but I don't know every situation that causes the protection circuit to engage. The most common reason that I see the protection circuit on is either a shorted output on the amp or a shorted voice coil on the sub. The easiest test to see which one it is is to disconnect the sub from the terminals on the amp and if the protection circuit still engages then it is likely that the output on the amp itself is shorted.

I do know that it is possible to run an amp at a lower ohm load than it is rated for but it will severely shorten the life of the amp (usually due to heat) and will cause failure sooner than normal. The reason for the minimum rating is that the manufacturer tested the output and failure was found much more frequently at lower than the minimum that is stated in the specifications. In this case, the minimum spec for bridging the amp is 4 ohms and anything lower than that would likely cause early failure.
The amp and crossovers are mounted to a board in the frunk.

The amp is wired directly to the battery with 8ga cable (about 3ft of cable, basically enough that you can pull the rack out to mess with it without disconnecting everything). The crossovers are wired to the tweeters and woofers with 16ga speaker wire (equal lengths for all of them). The amp is set to 2ch / bridged. The subwoofer is wired with 10ga speaker wire to the subwoofer channel on the amplifier. The problem is whenever I turn it up to moderately high volume (not ear-splitting, but say t-tops off at highway speed volume), the woofers and subwoofer cut out.

The tweeters play quietly for a few seconds, then everything kicks back on. If I run a lower volume, it s fine indefinitely. I can run 4ga power and ground cables, but I don t see how that d be the problem given that I have such a short run (and I m not listening at max volume). Any ideas? I had the same problem before I tore into the car (just was running a 5. 25 subwoofer instead of a 10 ), so I know it s not anything I screwed up in the last few days.

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