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why does my cat play in the litter box

Itching to understand your catвs litter-scratching behavior? As puzzling as it may be, some cats simply enjoy digging and playing in their litter boxes. Most of the time, this is normal. But sometimes scratching in the litter box becomes excessive. Before you pop in the earplugs, consider that something might be frustrating her. Hereвs a list of questions to ask yourself:
Is there enough litter in the box? Is the box big enough for her? Is the box kept clean? Is the box in a calm and private location? Yes to all of the above? Then maybe your cat doesnвt like her litter. Cats react differently to different products. So try another type of Tidy litter and see what she thinks. Of course, Tidy likes to be thorough. So if nothing seems to ease your catвs urge to scratch, talk to your veterinarian just in case. Some miscellaneous points since we have strayed off the original topic: * Some cats are more quot;energetic quot; about digging than others.

Loki (my male) throws the litter around quite a bit, and spends a long time burying. Neffy (my female) buries hers quickly and efficiently. * Some cats don t like covered boxes (while other cats don t like b non /b -covered boxes :-) * My breeder told me the clumping litter is fine for cats that are old enough to take home (that is to say, 12 weeks old or older). She says that only the very young kittens will eat their litter. * I had a problem where one of the kitties starting urinating outside of the box, even though I have an automatic box. I clean the automatic box every 3 days to catch anything the quot;automatic quot; part missed. I have heard that some picky cats insist on having seperate litter boxes for quot;number 1 quot; and quot;number 2 quot;. I asked my vet about this. He told me he had not heard of that, but quot;ideally quot; you should have 1 box per cat, plus one extra box. * I couldn t afford another Littermaid, so I just got a standard quot;extra-large quot; plastic litter box with high sides.

I use the S Wheat Scoops litter, along with quot;Natures Miracle Litter Treatment quot;. Both my cats and I prefer this over the automatic box, although you do have to scoop it every day (or every other day if the kitties are not producing too much). The S-Wheat litter tracks less, and this combination clumps fast and hard. Also, if you are concerned about the cats getting sick from eating the litter, the S Wheat litter is made out of wheat, so it is harmless if ingested. I think at worst it might give the kitties a little case of Montezuma s Revenge). If you want to try this litter you should be aware that the instructions on the bag say that other animals (that is to say, non-cats) may eat this litter since it is made out of grain.

So if you have dogs etc you would not want to use the S-Wheat litter if they have access to the litterbox. * The smaller the size of the litter pellets, the more cats like it. That s why they love going in your neighbor s sandbox :-) I think this is why my cats prefer the wheat litter - it is more fine-grained than the Littermaid litter. * After my cats are finished burying their waste, they will try to dig at the sides of the box, the carpet outside the box, and the wall next to the box. After completing this ritual they consider their work done. * If cats have access to the outdoors, they will often prefer to go outside instead of using a litter box. (Although my quot;outdoor cat quot; I had when I was a kid would come b inside /b specifically to use the litter box :-) * To stray b completely /b off topic: I read that the depth at which cats bury their feces depends on how dominant the cat is - the less dominant the cat, the deeper (and thus more hidden) they bury it.

You may have noticed your cats turning around and inspecting the spot after burying the feces, then turning back and burying it some more. They may repeat this several times before they are satisified. What I read is that when they are quot;inspecting quot; the job, they are really sniffing to see how much of the odor is still coming through. The more dominant cats want to allow more of the smell of their feces to stay around as a message to other cats. Apparently highly aggressive Toms will even leave some completely uncovered at the edges of their territory. This accomplishes the same thing as spraying, but it is a much more forceful statement. Anyway, b I /b thought it was interesting.

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