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why does my canon camera say busy

A few questions. The "default" shooting mode of the camera for focus is called "One Shot" AF. This mode has a nuance called "focus priority". Focus priority says that the priority for the camera is to lock focus and THEN take the image. If you were shooting action shots, you might switch it to "AI Servo" mode. which has a nuance called "release priority". Release priority says that the priority for the camera is to take the shot WHEN you press the shutter button down completely (whether the camera was able to successfully lock focus on something or not. it WILL take that picture. It may be a blurry picture if it never focused, but it will still take it. )
I'm trying to determine if your camera isn't taking a photo simply becuase it cannot lock focus. It will help if we can narrow that down. You can switch the auto-focus swtich on the side of the lens to the MF (manual focus) position. In that mode, the camera will not attempt to focus and it should take the image when you fully press the shutter button whether the camera was focused or not. (it would also do this if you switched to "AI Servo" mode, but simply flicking the AF/MF switch on the lens to the MF position would be an easy and quick test. ) Would you please test that and report back if it makes a difference?

This will help us determine if the issue is with your lens and auto-focus vs. an issue with your camera. It's also helpful to know some information about your lens and shooting circumstances. What lens are you using? Is this the "kit" lens included with the camera (e. g. the EF-S 18-55mm f/3. 5-5. 6 IS lens? ) Where were you shooting and what sort of lighting was available? E. g. was this "outdoor" and "daytime" on a sunny day? Was this "indoor" and using only available light in the room? I ask these questions because in order to lock focus, the camera needs adequate light and a subject with detail and contrast.

Some of Canon's speedlite flashes have a "focus assist" beam which projects a somewhat grid-shaped pattern of red light, but its purpose is to make it relatively easy for the camera to lock focus accurately even in poor lighting situations. If the built-in flash is fired fast and often, then the camera will automatically delay the cycling and display bUSY to allow the flash tube to cool. I have a newly purchased Canon Rebel Xsi, for the most part I have been extremely happy with this camera. I am using it for a small side business in portrait photography. My problem is that on nearly every shoot that I have done, the camera seems to freeze up. This usually comes after about 45 min or so of taking pictures. I go to press the shutter halfway down like usual and nothing happens.

Then it says busy on the screen. Sometimes it clears up right away but usually takes a minute or two. Sometimes turning the camera off and back on help, sometimes it doesn t. this seems to happen no matter what setting I am using. I mostly use portrait or P, sometimes auto and occassionally the burst mode. Any idea why this is happening, and what can I do to rectify it? I have searched online and have only found vague answers. I know of two other users of this camera who have had the same problem. I always charge my battery fully prior to a shoot, and I currently have a 4gb sandisk card. I m wondering if it has something to do with taking so many photos in a row? Its not like I am literally hitting the shutter every second, but generally in about an hour and half I take around 200 shots. This has happened nearly every shoot I have done. Kind of frustrating (not to mention embarrassing! ) thanks.

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