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why does my cat pee on my clothes and bed

Patient, consistent litter training is the first step in making sure your cat knows where to go. Provide a clean, attractive litter box for your cat in an area of the house where she has easy access and a degree of privacy. Scoop out the used litter on a daily basis, so your cat doesn't have to tread through her own mess to use the litter box. If you see your cat in action peeing outside the litter box, tell her a clear "no" and take her to the litter box immediately.

Be as consistent as you can in your domestic schedule, and make time to hang out and be affectionate with your cat. Particularly if she feels neglected due to the recent introduction of new pets or children in the home, it's important your cat knows you still have time and affection for her.

Keep your bedroom and wardrobe tidy, as cats may dislike a messy environment. Put away clean laundry and close the wardrobe door so your cat doesn't have access to your clean clothes. Clean up cat urine as soon as you find it, so your bed or clothes don't start to smell like a cat urinal.

Once any fabric is impregnated with the smell of cat urine, your cat may think of that fabric as her personal toilet.
You share something in common with your cat: you both dislike dirty bathrooms. Always keep your pet's litter box clean and be sure to fill it with plenty of litter. Cats don't appreciate peeing in a box without enough litter as their urine can splash back on them.

If the box is dirty, your cat might seek out another spot to pee, like your bed or clothes pile. Be sure to scoop the box once a day (at least) and clean the entire box with a mild detergent once a week. Have multiple cats? It's recommended to have a box for each cat plus one extra.

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