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why does my cat pee on me while i sleep

My 2 year old female indoor cat will jump on my bed and urinate, right next to me while I am asleep. I have taken her to the vet and while she did have an infection, that has been cleared but the habit has only gotten worst. This only occurs in the middle of the night. She does use the litter box at other times and once did the same thing when I was asleep on an air mattress in another room of the house when I had company. I used to think she was attached to the bed, but now I think it is me?

Any insight on why she would be doing this and how to get her to stop? I also have two other cats with no such problems. Your cat's inappropriate urination may be linked to the infection she had. She should be rechecked to make sure everything is still fine with her urinary tract. Also, if blood work wasn't analyzed, there are many conditions other than a urinary infection that cats can have that lead them to urinate outside the litter box.

It is also possible that everything is fine with your cat's health, but urinating where you sleep has become a cat behavioral problem, a habit that originated from having an infection. For suggestions on dealing with that, please read
as well as other pages that page will lead you to. There are many. I hope this helps. Thanks for writing, Dr. Neely I think it might be because she was taken from her mom at such a young age and she wasnt shown how to use a litter box.

Your the closest thing she has to a 'mom' so you'll have to show her and praise her with her favorite treats when she does good. When we were raising Mama and her kitties in my bedroom 2 years ago, I watched Mama show her 2 lil boys with pride how to use it. Then she came to live with my mother who had a fixed male. Illusion (our male) has TERRIBLE litter box habits and Mama has pristine so I watched her try to chow HIM how to use it too but he's stupid and she gave up and began covering up his bizz.

O. o What you can try doing is try to watch for her body language to show she's going to pee (keep a box handy) and put her in it and hold her there until she finishes, take her paw gently and scrape up the litter with her paw and treat her. I know this sounds both treacherous and perhaps a little harsh but I think it's because of her age. I would have her checked out at the vet though just to make sure.

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