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why does my cat not purr anymore

The lack of the affectionate purr If the cat has stopped purring and is not willing to eat then it might be suffering from this aliment. Due to laryngitis, swallowing food and
making sounds like purring becomes quite difficult. It is best to take vet s opinion to confirm whether your cat is suffering from laryngitis or not. A cat often stops purring when it is nervous. A cat is nervous when they are introduced to new environment. Sometimes when a foreign object such as new piece of furniture or other pet is brought into their old environment then a cat may become nervous and stops purring.

Some cats are purring machine when they are kittens. But as they grow older their purring starts decreasing and sometimes even stops. This is just a natural thing for some cats. Sometimes cats stop purring when they are injured. If you can t find any signs of injury on your cat then visit the vet to ascertain the fact. A scared cat becomes stiff and starts shaking. It can sometimes run away from its owners when they are scared. Also a scared cat stops purring. If your cat is scared due to some reason then try approaching him/ her carefully and give it treats and toys.

Cuddle it as much as you can and then it will soon be back to its own purring self. jayskette, if your cats have outdoor access in a secure enclosure, knock yourself out. I certainly support cats getting to experience the outdoors if they are not a danger to others, and if nothing else can be a danger to them. My experience is that *most* people who have cats who are outdoors at some point (whether permanently or during a portion of the day) and who profess to be passionate about cats being outdoor kind of animals, don t go to the trouble of providing a safe, secure enclosure for the protection of their kitty.

Which means the cat can (and does) roam, is subject to attacks from other cats, decimates any local wildlife and usually ends up as roadkill or torn to pieces by a dog or a sicko. Not to mention the fleas, parasites, viruses, bacterial infections and other things which reduce a cat s lifespan. I find it peculiar that people assume their cats don t leave their yard. Studies show that in a population of outdoor cats, there is quite a bit of movement as the stronger cats push out the weaker ones for the best territory - and of course this is like a domino effect.

The poor resident moggy has to brave attack and worse in order to access dinner and water. I feel so sorry for those cats. Cats are not native animals, they have no true place in our outdoors. Unless you ve got an enclosure, there is no reason whatsoever for allowing a cat outdoors - even if it seems to you to be unhappy about it. Trust me, it will have a lot more to be unhappy about if it gets hit by a car or mauled by a neighbour s dog.

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