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why does jordan from the challenge have one hand

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Important Links Subreddit Friends: I know I'm living in a dream world expecting to take a more responsible approach to the inflammatory stuff that comes up amid the all-too-frequent arguing, yelling, name-calling and misbehaving that has been the only distinguishing element to the season so far. Early on, for example, it was interesting to hear about having experimented with having relations with a man. There was a refreshing lack of "OMG! " reactions among the loftmates. Marlon came off as grounded and straightforward about a topic that pop culture too often turns into a punchline. But when more touchy subjects came up in Wednesday's episode, with the catchy title, "A-Nia-lation," there was precious little light shed on any of them. We mainly had to hear endless rehashing of the horrible extended fight/flirt/manipulation/drunken battle between. Both Nia and Jordan insisted it was the other one who behaved badly, and because of that neither one of them was about to apologize or take responsibility for their own awful conduct. If this sounds like entertaining TV to you, may I recommend watching neighborhood cats getting their backs up and yowling at each other?

Adding to the toxic brew was Marlon attacking Jordan for using racially tinged language and behavior when he was fighting with Nia. Everybody jumped in on this, and more rehashing went on until Johnny finally yelled at everybody to shut the bad word up. "I'm sick of hearin' it. " You and me both, Johnny. The rest of the episode featured more rehashing; a visit from Jordan's Oklahoma friends; still more rehashing; Anastasia sticking up for Jordan and testifying that Nia was distorting what really happened; Nia endlessly talking; Johnny getting hammered at Schmizza, and Averey getting annoyed but then, aw, garsh, forgiving him. After nonstop analysis of what Jordan's problem is, and why he acts aggressive all the time, the episode ended with something really sobering: Jordan revealing to Anastasia that he had contemplated suicide as a way out of his difficult relationship with his father, and his own problems. "I don't like who I am," he told her. This is serious stuff. I don't know how the producers will handle follow-up on it, but I hope -- considering the young people who watch this thing -- that they don't just gloss over this kind of conversation.

As to the rest of this week's nonsense, here's the list: * Anastasia is becoming my second-favorite roommate, right after Daisy the dog. * After a morning full of everyone screeching, Averey says, "This is a great Saturday. " * Most of the group go to a spectacular spot in one of the country's most awe-inspiring locations, the Columbia Gorge. I feel bad for the falls being dragged into this mess. Marlon says even though he hates everyone, let's pose for a smiling photo, and they do. Somebody gripes about a "two-hour drive for a 10-minute view. " Have you ever heard of the word "hiking"? * Local spots: Splash Bar; * Random Comment: "You came into my room to make a mockery of me. " * On a trip to another local spot, Jordan wonders, "Why's there no sign? " Why indeed? * Random Comment: "Push-up bras should be outlawed. " * Nia walks around in bikini underwear carrying a pair of sparkly shoes. No reason is given for this. * Random Comment: "I know I'm hard to live with. "

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