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why does my computer keep overheating and shutting down

I recently changed my HD 6450 for an HD 7950 Vapor-x, and strange things started to happen. -First of all, CPU tempeture rised from 35 at idle to 42 (changing the cpu cooler from auto mode to 100% stable at the time, i mean 35 with auto, 42 with 100%)
-Computer started to shut down after or at the start of my gaming session. For example, i m playing moh warfighter max settings without any problem or freeze, and suddenly PC turns off, and i must stop the psu some seconds in order to restart the computer too(mb still has power, so psu isnt the problem, cause it keeps working). This happens whenever it does, i mean, it doesnt follow a pattern such as happenning always in the same part of the game. Also when starting planetside 2, game loads normally and then 1 or 2 minutes later, the PC shuts down. My question is, could this be caused by a processor overheat?

New GPU never tresspasses the 65 degree barrier, which is good for a gpu, so the problem must be the cpu. I m using the stock cooler, with an akasa thermal compound bought by me. Fan blades are cleaned by me every month, so dust is not the cause. My PSU is a LC Power 650W with 80+ Bronze, so i think that s not the problem. Shall i buy a new cooler? Thanks for your atention:) (PD: Sorry for bad english, i m not native =P) Curious. Clearly from your description, the machine is shutting down at random intervals but it isn't a random shutdown, "something" is telling Windows to shut it down, otherwise, you wouldn't get an orderly close, which is what you describe. As Bob said, there may/should be some clue in the event logs. Recheck them all carefully. If the logs go back before this started happening, compare a shutdown you requested with one of these unscheduled ones, to try and identify the "something".

It's unlikely to be Windows itself, because in most cases, a Windows error would result in a Blue Screen stop, rather than an orderly shutdown. It could be hardware but you've eliminated most of it by swapping it out. Even then, most serious hardware errors result in a hard stop, not an orderly shutdown. When you say you disconnected the "start button on the case", which end of the cable did you disconnect, the button end or the motherboard end? If it was the button end, it could still be a faulty cable shorting internally. Pull the plug off the motherboard and then VERY CAREFULLY short the contacts to restart the machine. If you are not absolutely sure which contacts control the main power, DON'T DO IT, you could easily fry the mobo and other components.

I assume you bought your Windows 7 from a reliable legitimate source - some early evaluation copies, have found their way on to the market, hacked to bypass the date expiry check and are still being sold as genuine. Since you have a spare hard drive (you say you swapped it out), it might be worth just doing a straight reload of Windows, nothing else, and see if the machine continues its erratic behaviour. If not, it's some software loaded on afterwards, or some malware or rootkit lurking somewhere undetected. You might also want to try running a Live CD version of Linux (I'd recommend Knoppix) to see if that suffers the same problems. If so, its logs may point you in the right direction. I'll be interested to see how this turns out.

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