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why does john galt go on strike

"The book's hero, John Galt, also continues to live on", wrote journalist Harriet Rubin in a September 2007 article about the influence of
Atlas Shrugged. Rubin mentions (a software company) and the (a demolition company) as examples of companies named after the character. The use of Galt as a symbol in the context of political or social protest has taken root in some places. The phrase "going John Galt" or simply "going Galt" has been used by psychologist to describe productive members of society cutting back on work in response to the projected increase in U. S. , increased limits on tax deductions, and the use of tax revenues for causes they regard as immoral. "Who is John Galt? " signs were seen at held in the United States and at banking protests in London in April 2009. congressman 's presidential primary campaign of 2008 included a play on the phrase, using "Who is Ron Paul? " on campaign T-shirts; his web site biography uses the same title.

In August 1988, the Louisiana business lobbyist and columnist referred to the and the majority elected in 1986 in the last two years of the administration of US President as "the John Galt Congress". Steimel objected to an increase in the, a measure which he said would "wreak havoc with the very individuals it is designed to help mostP new entrants into the work force and new minority workers in particular".

Steimel described the public as uninformed people who merely shrug their shoulders and ask "Who is John Galt? " whenever they are questioned about the grip of expanded government on their lives and liberty. In May 2011, I Am John Galt: Today's Heroic Innovators Building the World and the Villainous Parasites Destroying It, by columnist and business consultant and businessman was published, profiling modern-day examples of Ayn Rand's iconic heroes and villains. The video game and its sequel feature a character named Andrew Ryan who was heavily influenced by Galt, both in his championing of and in his life goal of gathering like minds to live with him in an ideal society (the undersea city of Rapture) where their accomplishments will be duly rewarded and unfettered by the values of an altruistic or collectivist society.

Galt invented the motor at the Twentieth Century Motor Factory. He quit the factory when the Starnes kids took over, vowing to stop the motors of the world. He began his strike with his friends Ragnar and Francisco. He slowly began recruiting more people to his cause. He started working a menial job at Taggart Transcontinental. He saw Dagny and fell in love with her.

He watched her for a decade before meeting her. He often meets with Eddie Willers in the cafeteria and gets intel from him. He reluctantly lets Dagny go after she meets him in Atlantis. He follows her back to New York. The two have an encounter in one of the Taggart Terminal tunnels and start a romantic relationship. Dagny inadvertently leads the police to Galt and he is arrested. He refuses to cooperate with the government. He is forced onto TV for a sham banquet. He is tortured at the State Science Institute. His friends and Dagny rescue him. The group all escape back to Atlantis. Galt declares that their strike is over.

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