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why does my computer keep making a clicking noise

Hello, thanks for reading. So my issue is recently my computer has been making this clicking/ticking noise. Whenever I am doing something like playing a game, the ticking noise increases. I have tried cleaning out the system of dust with compressed air. I unplugged my HDD and confirmed that the ticking noise was still occurring w/o the HDD. I tried using the Fitness Test(EaseUs) and it said my HDD was okay. I tried stopping the fan in the back, but the noise still persisted with the fan no in motion.

I look in the system and I don't see any wires hitting a fan. I tried to google up the issue but people keep answering that it's the HDD, which isn't the case for me, at least I think. I took a picture of the inside, please tell me if it gives you any idea. The PSU is Seagate 650? Or something like that. I tried recording the sound, but the other fans were quite the background noise. However, you can hear the ticking noise if you turn up your volume (at least for me).

I can't figure out where the noise is coming from or how to fix it. Please respond and help, thank you.
So this evening while reading beside my computer, I keep hearing clicking noises--at random intervals. I m not actively running any apps, though I do have Firefox and Windows Explorer and Word open. The browsers are open, as I was reading various unfinished articles on websites. none of these pages seem dynamic or have ads, as they are all pretty much academic sites with simple text.

The volume is up on my computer and the sound I m hearing is the exact same sound you hear on XP when opening and closing folders or navigating through them (in MyDocuments, for example). It may sound paranoid but the sounds are random and intermittent, almost as though somebody is clicking through my folders. though I don t see anything happening on the screen. Maybe I should run a virus scan? For security I have ZoneAlarm and it is on. Any thoughts as to what I m hearing and why?

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