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why does my browser open a new tab

The problem is chrome. exe and the way this works if you are running chrome there is nothing you can do to permanently stop this. The easiest way to stop this is uninstall everything associated with chrome. Download and install Firefox or if you are on a Windows 10 machine edge browser is also not affected. Get the premium version of Malwarebytes which blocks the malicious URL and tab launch attack. In order for chrome to be a viable browser this defect must be corrected. Until this is fixed do not run chrome. It is not worth the risk. Many times in chrome this issue opens tabs with false websites that look real designed to trick you into stealing personal information or worse.

You must tear down the entire house to be safe. You must uninstall chrome. Sorry about the bad news.
posted by How do I stop Firefox from opening a new tab every time I click on a link? I just want to go to the link, not open new tabs. Time wasted by having to close tabs I'm feeling sick of Firefox because it's wasting my time -- I do a lot of online research, and I just want to simply click on a link and go to the site! Instead Firefox browser opens a new tab every time I click on a link. Which means I have to wade through a pile of old tabs, and spend precious moments closing them.

Is my brower not working right? Or can the settings be changed? Or is that just the way Firefox works nowadays? I've tried various Tab Options -- but none of them simply make it so a link goes straight to a site, without opening a new tab or window. Help! I have this problem, too I'm not a super user but in case it helps, ctrl+click is supposed to open link in a new tab. Worth a quick check you don't have a sticky control key on your keyboard causing this. Otherwise, I had understood that you'd require a plugin to achieve this, so check what add-ons you have in case something has downloaded.

Edit: I also note that middle-clicking will open in a new tab - either a third button or by 'clicking' the mousewheel - a quick test of a different mouse to rule it out couldn't hurt as well. Beyond this, you'll need one of the very clever people here to assist you. When you just click a link, it should open in the current tab. Check out the keyboard and mouse as afaik said. Make sure only the third box is unchecked ["When you open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately"] I usually close and reopen the browser after making changes to settings and test to see if they worked.

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