why men are not allowed to take messages

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Markowitz says another major benefit of the new system is that it will help turn passive message-receivers into active participants. The problem with OkCupid as opposed to Tinder, is that on Tinder, in order to participate in the ecosystem at all, you have to like people, she says.

On OkCupid, people especially attractive women could simply make a profile and wait for messages to roll in. These users were way less likely to find good matches on the site, because they weren t making the effort to find the people who actually interested them. A of the behavior of 70,000 users found that women who initiated contact with men on the site got much higher response rates than men who did the same, and those women ended up chatting with people more attractive than the average guys who flooded their inboxes. Now, if they want to get anything in their inboxes at all, they ll have to make a move.

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