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why does jj watt wear an elbow brace

Both to prevent further injury and because it s part of his persona/looks totally badass. When I played highschool and college ball as an OT and NT, I wore knee braces on both knees. I never injured my knees playing football before I got the braces, and they were an absolute bitch to get adjusted to, but once you do they don t hinder movement at all, and they are literally indestructible. One time, someone tried to high/low me and take out my knees. The guy that went for my legs broke his collarbone on my brace. When I first got them, being an idiot, I had a friend of mine on the baseball team hit them with a wooden bat as hard as he could.

He broke the bat over my brace, and I didn t feel a thing. For a lot of college teams, their linemen
have to wear knee braces. When I played, I wore knee braces, and hard ankle braces, on top of soft lace up ankle braces, on top of taped ankles. You physically cannot break your ankles or fuck your knees up wearing DonJoy braces. You will break your femur or your Fibula/Tibula before you break your knees or ankles. RGIII was a dumbass, and didn t have his knee brace tightened fully when he tore his knee up the second time, or else he wouldn t have injured it again.

If you don t wear the braces correctly (strapped on tight) they won t prevent injury. They measure the player to fit the brace to size. Frankly, the amount of time it takes to get used to wearing them aside, I don t see any reason why an NFL player wouldn t wear arm, knee, and ankle braces every time he steps onto the field. They come in several different models, for skill positions and linemen. The linemen models are fucking huge, and the skill position models are smaller but still just as tough.

You do have to retrain yourself to run correctly with the braces on, but my 40 time with the braces on was a 4. 96, and with them off it was a 4. 88. If you get them sized to you, and tighten them correctly, they don t slip at all, you don t have to fuck with them at all, and they prevent just about every injury to the knee that is possible. Mine also came with a guarantee to cover ACL/LCL surgery, up to 50k value, for each knee. The medical term is being colonized. Colonization vs Infection The distinction between staph (including MRSA) colonization and infection is important.

Colonization = the presence of the bacteria, but no signs of illness or infection. Staph thrives in warm, moist places; common sites of colonization include the nostrils, belly button, underarms, groin, etc. Infection = clinical signs of illness or inflammation (e. g. , localized pain/tenderness, redness, warmth, swelling; pus; fever). These are due to tissue damage caused by invasion by the bacteria. Infection requires treatment - various treatment options exist. Treatment does not always require the use of an antibiotic.

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