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why does my computer keep freezing during games

Hello. When I play computer games my computer just freezes. It remains turned on and the sound is playing like a bees buzzing. It happens only when playing. My computer is 1 year old and it could run crysis 3 at normal when we just bought it. This problem started to occur this summer and i was sure it was overheat.

But now, when it is cold and i usually sit in a coat when playing, it still freezes. I have to push reset button to make it response again. I have used the advanced system care and there are no viruses. Please, I really want to play games like i could in the past
Hey guys, I ran into an issue on my computer that when I play games it will randomly freeze during them.

Ive tried many ways to fix it but it doesen't seem to work. I defraged my disc, Used CCleaner to repair some stuff, Ran a Registry Clean, Did a Disk Repair and nothing was found.

I recently had a virus and then I wiped my drive and put in some important files back on it, could that be the reason? Is my HDD failing? or could it be overheating components. It would be great if someone can help me because it is ruining my gaming experience.

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