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why does my computer keep crashing vista

If Windows doesn't start or is unstable, this article can help you to fix the problem. If you aren't having problems right now, review this article for ideas you might try in the future when problems inevitably crop up. We'll go through the main troubleshooting techniques, using free tools from Microsoft and other manufacturers. Many of the troubleshooting techniques covered in this article are accessed on or via the Advanced Boot Options menu of Windows Vista and Windows 7 (see ). To use this menu, press the F8 key repeatedly right after you turn on your computer, before the Windows logo displays.

For some techniques, we'll use the Repair Your Computer option (highlighted in
), which brings up the System Recovery Options dialog box shown in. If you don't see the Repair Your Computer option on the Advanced Boot Options menu, you can still access the repair tools; just insert and boot to a Windows System Repair disc. To create this disc in Windows 7, open the Control Panel and click the Backup and Restore option. You can also download the System Repair disc via the Internet for and.

Hello, everyone! My primary computer, loaded with Windows Vista, is suffering a peculiar problem as of yesterday. After an amount of time ranging from a few minutes to a few hours of being on, my computer will just freeze. All lights on the mouse and keyboard turn off, the sound turns off, the picture on the monitor freezes, etc. The only hardware change I've made recently is a PSU replacement about a month ago, but I don't think the issue is hardware related, since I've been in Safe Mode, and I'm dual-booting Linux off a separate HDD, and the problem only persists when regularly using Windows Vista.

The only things I've downloaded lately are various mods from the Fallout: New Vegas Nexus. I've done a full boot-time virus scan with Avast, I've scanned for spyware with SUPERAntispyware, I've scanned for registry issues with CCleaner, I've done plenty of things with Advanced SystemCare 6, I've tried using the OS installation disk to repair the OS. Absolutely nothing I've tried has been able to fix it. Any help will be appreciated.

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