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why does my cat like to watch me pee

A cat s curiosity is never more acute than in our own bathroom. What is it about this room that cats find so fascinating? It s all about the cat s drive to figure us out. After all, this whole room is our litter box. And that s not the end of the crazy things we do in there. If we don t let our cats share some of our bathroom time, we are missing out on a wonderful opportunity for discussion and interaction. We tend to do certain things at certain times, which appeals to the cat s love of predictable routine. What we do there mirrors what cats do; only differently. My Maine Coon mix, Bubby, loved to dash into the bathroom when it was time for my face washing ritual. He would sniff the products, watch me intently, and wait for his hug, after. The hug was a draw, no question. But I could see the question on his face,
Why don t you just use your paw? Wouldn t that be easier?

Cats find that we do all sorts of things in the bathroom that are very different from the way they handle such tasks. The shower either frightens or perplexes them, but either way it s based on the way we take off our fur and then get under a stream of water. No cat would do that! So it s a form of cat anthropology for them to watch us do it. Shaving, putting on makeup, doing our hair (as long as the blow dryer doesn t come out,) and so many other bodily rituals that take place in the bathroom are another form of, only this time, it s the Learning Channel. Here we see the Late-for-Work Human, trying to get that back of the neck fur just right. We ve all been there, ladies and gentlemen. Plus there s all the interesting objects we use, placed on a slick surface like the bathroom vanity, just begging to be played with. Hair accessories are always a draw, but so are the little caps to the bottles, small pieces of jewelry, and cotton balls and swabs.

We get to play with these, so why can t our cat? This is also a small, intimate room, where we do small, intimate things. Cats love small, intimate things. Mr. Bond loves luring me into the bathroom, so I can shut the door, scoop him up, and look at ourselves in the mirror while I say sweet, silly, endearments he would never want others to hear him enjoying. This is special time for the two of us which only takes place with the privacy and tools we have in the bathroom. Of course, some things are private, and cats are not allowed. Some things aren t fun, like the blow dryer or electric shaver. And sometimes cats shouldn t be in the way, like when we are coloring our hair or using other preparations cats shouldn t get their paws on. But if we have been looking for more ways to connect with our cats, we should stop seeing the cat in the bathroom as a nuisance.

Blocking out a little more time in there, and spending it explaining ourselves to the cat, will go a long way towards our cat relationship. We want to build trust and spend fun times with our cat. What better place than our smallest, coziest, busiest part of the house? Figure out more cat puzzles with. Got here from a Link or Search? than the article you are reading now. See all of my posts on. Thanks for stopping by!. To get my monthly eNewsletter, to get my FREE eBook, Ten Cat Tricks (Every Human Should Know. ) IMPATIENT? I understand. Check out my for my Kindle books. I have a few theories on this one. Cats are very curious. It s very common for them to want to know what you re doing at all times. I think. I have a few theories on this one. Cats are very curious. It s very common for them to want to know what you re doing at all times.

I think because many people usually close the door when they use the bathroom, cats are perplexed by our need for privacy, and want to investigate this discreet behavior of ours. Perhaps because we are the ones that clean their litter box, they feel the need to know what s going on with our bathroom habits. Cats also have a sense of smell that is fourteen times stronger than ours, and they identify other animals and people by their scent. So when they sniff towards the toilet, this indicates that identifying our scent may also be a reason. They are also intrigued by any noise of water running, whether it s the sink, or us. Haha. Another possible reason (that was mentioned above) is that while you are on the toilet, most of us aren t doing anything else, so it s a good opportunity for them to be petted.

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