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why does my baby fall asleep while bottle feeding

Just after a bit of advice. I have been bottle feeding May from the start and she took to it really well. No real dribbling, polishing off her bottles which she was up to 5oz/150ml with. We bumped it up to 5oz just before she was 5 weeks after she started crying for more as she was coming to the end of the feed. As of just before the weekend however, feeding times are becoming rather stressful. Firstly, she is falling asleep at the bottle far more often. You'll take it out to wind her and she'll fall asleep then too and not want anymore.

So sometimes she'll only have 50ml and do this. So I tried a size 2 teat (1 month + ones) and the first feed she chowed through and I thought I had it sorted. But after that she just dribbles them everywhere so I switched back to a size 1. But now, she also dribbles alot with them. The milk ends up everywhere, I am stopping and starting and then she is falling asleep or she just stops sucking mid-bottle.

I dont know what is happening!! She used to polish off her bottles and is now leaving loads :(
Any experience of this? Her last two feeds have also seen her do some really powerful burps and end up throwing up half of her feed. These are the first times she has ever actually been sick since she was born. She is getting some awful wind down below with some very impressive farts. trying to get lots of burps up when I feed her is really quite hard. apart from these new lots of burps that are just bringing everything back!

Any help/advice would be appreciated!! Before our daughter was born we took a first-parents class. This is apparently a common enough occurrence that they actually discussed it. I'll try my best to describe what they showed us to do. If you've ever seen the movie Inception the sensation of falling wakes people up. This apparently holds true even for babies. We were told to firmly support the baby's whole body especially the head and neck.

Placing our hands under the baby's head with our arms along the full length of the baby's body we would 'swing' the baby's upper body down and then raise the baby back up. Not too fast but not slow either. Trying to simulate that feeling of falling. I strongly recommend discussing this issue with a breast feeding specialist even if you're not breast feeding. There should be one at your pediatric clinic or they should know how to find one.

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