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why does my cat like to bite me

Now that we know the reasons for play aggression, it's time to think about ways of handling our cat's rough play while still allowing them to have fun and get their exercise. Set regular play times with your cat. If a cat or kitten is feeling bored and trying to get you to play, they may bite or scratch at us roughly in order to try to get our attention and provoke a reaction, much as it would with another cat. If the cat knows to expect us to play at certain times of the day, they may be less likely to try to go after our hands or feet every time we walk by. This play time will also use up a good amount of the cat's excess energy and give them a chance to hunt some "prey" and practice their skills. Ten minutes of play time twice daily is a common recommendation. Play with the cat using toys. It's cute and fun to move our hands under a blanket or across the floor and let a tiny kitten attack, but once a cat is older they may associate our hands and feet with playtime and attack as much as possible, causing pain and open wounds! Cats do best when we use toys that are separated from our hands and feet, such as fishing pole type toys, for instance, which they can chase, attack and bite. This way, our cat will associate the toys with play time and not our bodies. Carry a toy and use it as a distraction if the cat attacks feet and legs when we walk by.

As the cat is getting used to the idea that toys are for playing and human bodies are not, we may need to distract them before they pounce and bite. This means that it is a good idea to have a toy on hand (or in a pocket) whenever possible so it can be tossed to the floor as a distraction from our ankles and toes if we sense an oncoming cat attack! If the cat does attack during play time or at any other time: walk away, look away, and do not engage. Cats try to attack and play because they are trying to get us to play back. They do not respond well to punishment, yelling or any time of negative stimulus. Cats do understand when we ignore them and stop providing attention for bad behavior, though. If our cat is suddenly biting us or becoming aggressive toward us during play time, the best course of action is to walk way into another room and ignore the cat if it follows. Do not make eye contact, do not touch the cat and do not offer treats or pick the cat up. Keep the environment interesting. Try giving the cat new toys every so often, or set up perches and hiding spaces for the cat so it can spend time playing alone as well. If provided with a number of toys as well as a fun environment, our cats are able to entertain themselves (and use up a good amount of their energy) for quite some time!
You guys are being tormented.

My cat Chandler did this as a kitten and at first I thought it was cute until he really started annoying me pulling out the fangs whenever he felt like it. Well, considering I have a problem with ANYTHING that tries to dominate me, I took it into consideration that he was trying to be my boss and decided it was time to end it. HERE'S WHAT TO DO (it worked for me) 1- Treat your cat with love. Then get him into his usual position that provokes him to bite by mimicking the typical situation when he bites. 2- The second he bites, yell NO! He won't listen. He thinks it's war time. He'll bite you again. Good. Now it's time to stand your ground. 3- Get ready to dominate him and mean business. Mentally prepare that you are the boss, he doesn't pay rent and he WILL obey. Just get in that frame of mind. It's essential. Your plan is not to hurt him. Just to show him you rule and he submits. 4- Immediately after he bites you, WORK QUICKLY. Take a hold of his scruff (back of neck) in your fingers of your NON-DOMINANT HAND, and don't squeeze too hard. (if you're right handed, use left hand) The reason for this is to GET CONTROL of his position and RE-POSITION HIM directly in front of you on the floor. (You'll remain OVER TOP of him at all times) 5-With his scruff in your left hand, quickly place him on the floor (don't slam him! ) KNEEL IN FRONT OF HIM and KEEP IN A STRONG (not squirmy) position and quickly maneuver/move your left hand to his SHOULDER amp; NECK AREA and hold with moderate pressure. 6- Your right hand will hold moderate pressure on his HIND LEG/HIP. (DO *** NOT*** say or yell anything.

Keep SILENT. Say NOTHING. ) By now, your left hand will be holding down his top half and right hand holding down his bottom half. He will not be able to bite you if your hand is placed properly. You do NOT go around his throat or neck. Do NOT squeeze his skin or fur hard. Objective- use your strength to force him into stating STILL. He CAN KICK YOU, and he'll try. Keep quiet, and hold moderate pressure. My heart was pounding when I did this because it's nerve wracking but just keep him in one position until he lies STILL amp; exhausts his energy fighting you. It will take energy on your part but even more on his. Stay focused on the objective- to show him you are dominant and he is submissive. NOW. Once he lays still his pupils will be huge because he'll be angry. You will then release pressure JUST ENOUGH to begin LIGHTLY massaging the skin under where each of your hands are without releasing your hold. His heart will be pounding, and you'll probably feel his stress. It's ok. Massage him a bit more. And gently release your grip.

If he TIGHTENS UP and tries to bolt, re-establish your grip until he submits again, and then massage after about 30-60 seconds of him being still. If you then lower yourself down, whisper to him, Ok, you're ok. It's ok. sshhh. ok buddy. mommy/daddy loves you. etc and stay quiet, and loving voice. You'll keep massaging until he calms. When ready to release him, do so CAREFULLY gradually bringing your voice back up, Ok GOOOOD BOOOOY. GOOOOD BOY and release your hands while simultaneously beginning to pet him with LONG MODERATE PRESSURE STROKES. He should get up and act like you just kicked his butt, maybe he'll go lay down. If you repeat this every time he's bad, you'll see him starting to get the point. Repeat until he does. NO PART OF THIS SHOULD HURT HIM. And if he's jumping too much on your lap, the only reason is because you're not blocking him. Block him 50 times with your arm, saying No. repeatedly. Don't give in. He comes up when YOU give him permission and not before. Hope this helps. Remember- don't be gentle and don't be too firm. Stay right in the middle, stay quiet, exercise authority, and NEVER HURT HIM. If he cries, and I hear of it, I will come punch you in the face! No cat should be made to feel physical pain. If you are too lazy to train him, you need to give him to a less lazy person. ;)

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