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why does my baby dribbles milk when feeding

Isabel did this as well from birth, loads use to dribble out. 1st we thought it was the bottles so swapped from tommee tippee to avent which did improve it a little but not much, we also tried dr brown and mam ones but stayed the same. We just came to the conclusion that it was just the way Isabel fed and that nothing would change it really. She did improve with age, shes 6 months now and hardly dribbles. When we looked at her feeding it looked like she didnt open her mouth wide enough to seal teat properly but nothing we could do changed it, that was just the way she was.

Can only say it will get better with age, i know its frustrating cos we use to see people feeding their babies even without a bib with no mess at all - evryones different but i sympathise with you.
Hi again, Thanks for the replies and advice and I am glad others have experienced this problem as well, I was beginning to think there was something very wrong with my baby - anxious first time mum I guess!

Anna sMum - I have been using Avent from the start but have also tried Tommy Tippee and Baby Love, bottles and teats - which worked better as she could fit her mouth around the teats better but found she was getting very windy with these bottles. I think part of the problem is that she sucks so hard but forgets to swallow and the overflow in her mouth spills out from her bottom lip and out the sides - I have had to buy so many new face clothes as I almost have to use a new one everytime I feed!

I have also found that when she first latches on she has good suction but when I release it halfway through for a burp it is hard to get her to get that suction back - I have tried not burping her but then we end up with a massive chuck when the bottle is finished!

Anyway I have tried the Pigeon teats S which are working a little better but I have brought the teats for the wide neck bottles so that fit my Avent bottles - I have spent a small fortune over the past 6 weeks on bottles and teats and my kitchen looks like a laboratory! Here s hoping she will eventually grow out of this! Cheers,

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