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why does my cat lay on my feet

Cats are territorial, exclusive and sociable, in this exact order. Every square inch of their home is their territory. As such, from kittens they dedicate themselves to patrolling and exploring every nook and cranny. It's normal for an animal to know
inside out, and cats are aware of this - it is their territory. It's normal for a cat to empathize with everyone in a larger family, but there will always be a favorite with whom the cat is more affectionate than the others.

This is the only person with whom the cat will sleep at their feet. The cat will be polite and even affectionate to all members of the family, since they're members of their clan or pack. Therefore, well-trained cats - and the majority of them are - are empathetic with the members of this extended family.

The cat communicates and plays with all family members, and also lets them stroke it - sometimes forcing them to do so. Even during the day it will nap next to somebody on the sofa or rest on the grandmother's lap in front of the television. But it will only sleep at the foot of the bed of its favorite human. because they need to feel close to you and want you to know that they love you and they like to be near your scent They are acknowledging you as their.

Well, they are looking for heat,. to warm them up. ,. Maybe the mother is not around to warm them, thats why they came to you to provide htem the heat they need,. Maybe as your kittens grow up, they will look up to you if they need something,. Maybe they trust you,.

They think that you could protect them in any harm,. they love u and they feel safe with you,. Cuz they re little? Cuz your toes wiggle and make fun toys? Cuz it s an easy place to get to to snuggle with their people? Cuz it s an easy way to trip you and be in the way and and make you do contortions not to step on them? So they can make sure you don t go anywhere without them?

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