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why does my computer do a physical memory dump

Physical memory dump is not a good thing to have happen. Whenever this comes up it actually means that whatever files and programs that are running at the time of the dump are put onto a sort of hidden file to be analyzed at a later date. Physical Memory Dump Symptoms This error is typically associated with the Blue Screen of Death and will therefore be known as it is a stop error. In other words, your computer will stop suddenly, which really means it is crashing so to speak. Once this occurs you will see an error message alerting you to the fact the physical memory dump is taking place. Physical Memory Dump Causes There are a wide range of factors that can all be attributed to a physical memory dump. Overclocking, dust build up, underpowered PC, and overheating can all cause this, but they are not the most common cause.

The most common cause is a registry that has become cluttered with corrupt files. Fixing a Physical Memory Dump Again, the dump is really so data can be analyzed later, but you can address what might be causing the problem and keep it from happening again. First, you should check some routine items:
Ensure your power supply is adequate. Check your PC for overheating issues. Clean your PC as best you can to get as much dust and debris off as possible. Right Click My Computer. Select Properties, then the Advanced Tab. Under Performance, click Settings. Click on the Advanced Tab. Click on the Change Button. Click on the Custom Size button and click in the Initial Size box.

Make the size of the page file 0. Click in the Maximum Size box. Make the size of the page file 0. 10. Click set. 11. Restart your computer and run a defrag. 12. Once the defrag is done, go back to the page file settings above and click on the Change Button. 13. For the Initial and Maximum page file size make it 1. 5 times the amount of ram your computer has. 14. Click on the Set Button again. 15. Reboot your computer again. This will give you a brand new page file. Now simply see if the problem goes away. So, up until recently (November 18-20th) my laptop was working relatively fine. I had some updates from around the 10th that I hadn't updated with, and after having done so I began to receive physical memory dumps.

My first solution was restoring to before I updated my computer, which worked. I reinstalled my updates after a good 4-5 hour session, but ended up with the bluescreen 10 minutes into a session shortly afterward. I have looked at the thread from August, but those updates did not cause memory dumps. On the side, i removed the update causing a different bluescreen which I have yet to encounter, and I do not know if it is the on responsible for my dump (KB9XXXXX, lost the related forum). I am also trying to avoid testing this AT ALL COSTS because I know the damage physical memory dumps can do to a computer. And somehow my Windows Vista question got put under Windows 7.?

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