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why does my boyfriend touch me so much

Hair в If it's a soft caress, it means he's into you and cares about you; if it's playful or incidental, he's flirting. Even if he says he's only doing it because there's something in your hair and he wants to get it out, he's still definitely flirting with you. Face, including the cheeks and your chin в Just like your hair, a guy who is touching your face is definitely flirting with you, even if he acts like there's another reason for it. It can also be very sweet for a guy to gently stroke your chin or cheek. This could mean that he cares about you (in a romantic way). If you're kissing, the face is a safer area to touch than other parts of the body, so he might focus his attentions here if he's not sure how far he's allowed to go. Lips в Touching your lips with his fingers is a very forward gesture. He might be testing you to see how far he can go with you, or he might be signaling that he wants something more. Head в Much like the face, the head can be a safer area for him to touch if you're kissing. If he's just bopping you on the head, then it might be playful (though it's still a sign of flirtation). Before he kisses you, he might gently touch the back of your head or your neck to bring your face closer to his. Neck в The neck is a very sensitive spot. If a guy is touching you here, it's almost certainly romantic. And if he's kissing you there. well, you know that it is. Shoulder в Except for shoulder or back rubs, the shoulders are not a particularly romantic area. This is somewhere that even people you are not close to might be able to touch without it being weird.

That said, if he's rubbing your shoulders, or if his hand lingers, it might mean that he likes you. Arms в Arms are a more neutral part of the body. In conversation, people may touch your arm in order to get your attention. It could also be slightly flirtatious. Hooking arms is more flirty or romantic в it's not something you'd do with a stranger. If he's touching your arms a lot, even for things that don't seem flirtatious, he's probably trying to find ways to be close to you. Hands в There are a variety of different touches that could land on your hand. Hand-holding is clearly romantic в interlocking fingers especially so. High fives or fist bumps are less romantic, but are a good way to break the touch barrier. Back в It really depends on where he's touching you on the back. Lower back touches tend to be more intimate, as they are closer to more intimate areas. Sometimes a guy will touch you there when he's leading you through a crowded place. Touches on the upper back can be much more platonic and might not mean anything. Stomach в This is a bit more of an unusual area to touch. For most women, it's a very soft area that might feel a bit more private. Touching you here is very playful and can be intimate and endearing. If they're smacking or poking you in the stomach, he's probably being flirtatious and playing with you. Waist or hips в When a guy touches you on your waist or your hips, it means he wants to be close to you.

A man might gently come up behind you and put his hands on your waist, which is a fairly intimate position, or he might pull you in closer to him by putting his hands on your hips. Booty в A tap on the booty usually means one thing: he wants to get in your pants. A guy should never touch you on your butt unless you're okay with it. It can be hard to tell someone off, but if something doesn't feel right, you should. Legs в Guys are often attracted to girls' legs, so if he's touching you here, it's probably flirtatious. The thigh especially is very close to other "exciting" parts of the body, so if he's lightly grazing your thigh, or resting his hand there, you can be almost certain that he's thinking about something more. Feet в Touching you on the feet is flirting! Either that, or you two are good friends and he's just messing with you. Foot massages can also be very nice, but if he's giving you one of those в you probably already know that he's into you. If not, get a clue. He is!
My Boyfriend and I are both 18. We have been dating for 2 years and 5 months and we have known each other since childhood. He has always respected me and my boundaries. Since he is my first boyfriend I have been a little nervous to do things with him such as kiss and hug but after 2 years into our relationship I finally grew accustom to it. About a week ago We were cuddling while watching a movie and he started to touch me in my private areas(over clothes) I didn't really react to it and let him continue since it felt good and I feel kind of bad that I don't give him a lot of attention(such as hang all over him or make out with him). 5 days later (he comes over just about everyday) we found another movie to watch and began cuddling like always.

This time he began to kiss me and started to touch me again. I stopped him a few times because I know one thing leads to another but I'm guessing he could tell I didn't really mind it and began to touch my chest. It felt good, I do confess, but I told him to stop because I am afraid he will think bad of me(think I'm a slut) but he assured me that he wouldn't think of me in that way ever and that he loves me and just wants me to feel good. He does not ask me to touch him and even stops if I really tell him to stop but I still fear that he will think bad of me since I know most boys are out to just get what they want. I love him and I know he does love me, we both said we wouldn't have sex before marriage(which he can swear he is going to marry me), but I know that boys say these things in the heat of the moment sometimes and I fear that he will leave me once he is bored of feeling me up (and disappointing that I do not want to do more things). he assures me that he wouldn't force me into anything and that he respects me but can I trust a teenaged boys word? He has been my best friend for years and I don't want to lose him and his respect. So should I allow him to touch me? Answers are much appreciated, again I don't mind him doing this I'm just afraid that he will think or do the above.

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