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why does my boyfriend lie and hide things from me

4 1/2 yrs huh, did he hide these things from the very beginning or just when he knew you were hooked on him? Protect you from what, the fact that he. 4 1/2 yrs huh, did he hide these things from the very beginning or just when he knew you were hooked on him? Protect you from what, the fact that he can t be trusted, the fact that your wishes and feeling don t matter compared to what he wants, the fact the he is not who you thought he was. Hon, a liar is a liar and they re out to protect no one but themselves, sounds to me like he s well versed in deception. Both studies, statistics and what i know of life, all come to the same conclusion, outside of high school, men have very little use for female friends and the guys in the studies did tell the truth. And it doesn t matter, how old the ex relationship was. Where s your old bf s? , bet he d have huge problems if you went out with a one of them, especially if you lied to protect him.

Nope, i guarantee he wouldn t tolerate it or you lying to him, you wouldn t get a second chance and why? , might you ask. Because if a man, cheats, lies, etc. and thinks he s getting away with it, he starts to realize just how easy he is making it for her to lie and sneak around on him. Right now, before engagement/marriage, is when a mans on his best behaviour, things only worsen after marriage, if it s not straighten out now and if your words, feelings and needs are being ignored already then now s not gonna happen without drastic measures. And just how is it if he s already a liar, do you know his friends and ex, are not one in the same. I m going to tell you right now, if he s lied about what you say, then he s lied a lot more than that, he just hasn t been caught. Furthermore, that s the oldest excuse in the book, to protect you total bull, he s using your own love against you and all to satisfy his self, his needs/desires, his entertainment and his life, there just no room left for you or thoughts of you, until he s caught in lies.

Then he uses love like a weapon takes aim and pull the trigger. Want proof?? Tell him you ve been thinking about it, tell him you ve never given his friend or ex a fair chance, tell him you d like to go out with him and them a couple of times, if he s that close you should get to know them. like that s ever going to happen! But then he s going to have to get sneaker and lie all the more. Ya don t wanna break up and ya don t want a liar. sorry can t have it both ways. Your dealing with an all out liar and your going to end up extremely heartbroken.
Consider the context around his lie. If you catch him in a lie, or notice tell tale signs he is lying when he is speaking to you, think about what you were talking about together that triggered the lie or motivated him to lie.

You could be discussing an event you were both supposed to attend together, but he backed out at the last minute, or you may be talking about a person he works with. Thinking about the context of the lie may also help you determine why he felt the need to lie to you. This way, when you confront him, you can explain why he think he is lying and be honest and open about your feelings. There are many different reasons why people lie to their partners, and it may be useful to consider common relationship scenarios where someone may lie. For example, maybe you criticized certain bad habits your boyfriend cultivates, such as smoking or spending too much money. He may then lie to avoid disappointing you or to avoid receiving another lecture from you. He may also lie to avoid conflict or to avoid having to stop his bad habit.

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