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why does it say this page cannot be displayed

These errors are very annoying and are very common. The very first step you should do is to double check the URL you are accessing to, if you are sure that you are accessing to aPcorrect URLPthen follow this two step tutorial to fix this error. We frequently encounter these type of errors due to corrupt cache management. Here I ll be sharing a two step procedure to fix this annoying error. Follow these simple steps to get rid of Page Cannot be displayed Error. Clear the browsing data, cookies and cache. Open Google Chrome Go to Settings Open History Open Clear browsing data TickP all the boxes Hit Clear browsing data Open Internet Explorer Click on the Gear Icon Open Internet Options Go to Browsing History and click delete Tick all the boxes and click delete Click Apply and Ok this will hepl you to clear cookies and cache of your internet browser.

Flush the DNSPfrom Windows command prompt
As the main cause of this error is the corrupt cachePmanagement, to fix this problem flush the DNS resolver cache. In order to flushPthe DNS resolverPcache, go to Windows command prompt and use ipconfig/flushdns command. Open Run window Type cmd and hitP Ok Command window Type ipconfig/flushdnsP A message statingP Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache Type exit and hit enter, this will close the Windows command prompt Now after following the above two mentioned steps try reloading the webpage on whichPthese errors were appearing.

Now you ll see Page cannot be displayed error will no longer be appear. Also read Add-ons are small bits of software that are 'added' to your basic browser to help with doing jobs you want doing. You say you are using IE 11. Do you have a row of black print very near the top that starts 'File; Edit' and ends with 'Help'? If you don't, press the 'Alt' key and it will magically appear! Then click on 'Tools' ( in this line of text ) and you will get a drop-down menu appear which is divided into sections.

At the bottom of the second section down, you will see a line which says 'Manage add-ons'. If you click on this, a large box will appear which lists all your add-ons. Now I don't know which add-ons you need, or want, but this is where you will find them. If you are still baffled by what you see here, post back with a list of your add-ons and we will take it from there. There are known to be some problems with IE 11, I haven't run into any personally but then I don't use very much. It's not my default browser. It does have another feature which may help you, called 'Compatibility view' for web-sites which don't play 'nicely' with IE 11.

Again, click on 'Tools' and you will find it immediately below 'Manage add-ons'. This brings up a small box. At the top of it it says 'Add this web-site'. Type the internet address of the web-site you are having problems with into this box and click on 'Add'. The web-site will then appear in the larger box immediately below the one you typed it into. As an example, say you bank with the 'Bank of Somewhere' whose web-site is 'Bank Somewhere. com'. Then you just type 'Bank Somewhere. com' into the top box, click 'Add', and it will appear in the larger box. Hope this helps,

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