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why does my bosch dishwasher smell like fish

We started using our new Bosch dishwasher in July and had the same issue. I was dismayed at the smell esp since I've had several friends who highly recommended this product and never had this issue. AND it was brand new. I called Bosch (their customer call center's the worst), aside from being dismissive/rude, they were pretty useless. Then I called Yale, the appliance store where we bought our dishwasher (still had a warranty). Very knowledgeable service person came - he's worked with dishwashers old and new. He said the smell can be a result of several minor factors. And he was right, after these adjustments, we now are odor free. Thought I'd share if this will help others who find this post:
2) Ensure your H20 is hot when you run the dishwasher. In our case, it takes a while for the water to heat up so he advised us to run the tap till the H20 gets really hot. He said that the dishwasher will heat up the H20 but still better to run the tap since the Bosch does not use much water and in our case may have been using mildly warm H20. 3) Do not use too much dishwashing liquid - he recommends just a 3rd of the capacity.

The Bosch (SHX45Po5UC)'self computes' load. He said for some reason putting too much dishwashing liquid vs not enough water messes it up. 4) Do not rinse dishes. He says the high efficiency dishwashers works best with just a small amt of hot water, not too much liquid and dirt to work with. Just scrape off big pieces of food that wont dissolve (i. e. , big seeds, etc) - leave grease, oil, sauces, small bits of food on. 5) There are just 2 of us so we dont run the dishwasher everyday (unlike our friends who have the same product). He recommends just leaving the door ajar (do not click it closed)so there's circulation. The high efficiency dishwasher seals tight so with all other factors exacerbates any smell build up. 6) To remove the smell, he popped in an Affresh tablet. He thinks vinegar works just as well and run the tap to hot before running the dishwasher on its highest setting.

After doing all these small adjustments above, the Bosch now works as advertised. I think we learned the hard way that we cant assume that we can use this dishwasher the same way we used our Frigidaire dishwasher (in our previous home) or our Kitchenaid dishwasher (8 yr old model prior to our renovation). Without this issue, it is a great high efficiency dishwasher which cleans extremely well. I have always pre-rinsed my dishes before (and was very doubtful of the service person's advice esp in tandem with the advice to reduce detergent use) but the Bosch has been a virtuoso with really oily or heavily soiled dishes unlike our previous Frigidaire and KitchenAid which would have white soap residue on the greasier items. Hope this helps others. Thanks for the air gap tip. The two cases I have experience with were years ago as I stated and I feel pretty sure the discharge lines were indeed routed low because our plumber always came through the bottom corner of the cab with his lines.

At the time I just thought maybe the owners had cut the cycle short and trapped food particles in the unit, so I suggested they run a cycle with no dishes to purge the tub. Never heard any more from them, or heard about this problem anymore until recently when I started surfing some of the appliance sites and saw this mentioned fairly often about the Bosch units. I have noticed though that now they come from the factory with the discharge line attached to the top of the case, so that there is a tall loop formed in the line, and a note to not cut this strap. I agree with the lack of room for connections, but most of the premiun units that are totally sound enclosed have the same problem, not just the Bosch. And it is not just dishwashers. The factories have all taken a screw the installer attitude with their obsession to be able to advertise that their appliance (particulary built in ovens) is 1/10th of a cubic foot larger than the competitors.

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