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wine glass that holds a whole bottle

Whether youБre celebrating something exciting or simply need it after a long week, sometimes only a bottle of prosecco will do. Is there any situation that canБt be improved by prosecco? Quite. And sometimes, you just donБt want to share. Or have to keep getting up to get a refill. So whatБs a girl (or guy) to do? Enter, the giant prosecco glass. Shaped just like a regular champagne flute, this supersized glass will hold a whole bottle of bubbly. So yes, dreams do come true. Heaven is a place on earth. Your prayers have been answered. By the pool, on the sofa, at a picnic - all scenarios would be improved by a giant prosecco glass.

The only potential problem could be, however, the prosecco getting warm. But supposedly you could just keep it in a personal ice bucket and keep that sweet, sweet nectar chilled. The epic glass costs бе14. 99 from. Unsurprisingly, people are going mad for it. I need this! П
Б Siobhan Brennan (@SiobhanBren) Friday, I'm in love. I may need one of these Б TheSpanishLinguist (@ArantzaElosua) Be still our prosecco loving hearts П Б Glasgow Live (@Glasgow_Live) Although giant wine glasses have been around for a while, a giant prosecco flute seems long overdue. Our love of the bubbly shows no signs of slowing down, with last weekend as people clamoured to make the most of.

Six bottles of prosecco, six giant glasses, six pals - great night sorted. What's worse than having to share a whole bottle of prosecco with friends? Yep - not that many things. Which is probably why the internet is going wild for this gigantic prosecco glass which can hold a whole bottle of the good stuff all in one go. Genius. And look, it's still a fancy flute shape, just a really, really big one. Not since have we been so excited. ( ). While bottle-of-wine-glasses have existed for a while, this is the first we've seen of gigantic prosecco glasses, although we do have a couple of logistical questions.

Namely, won't it go flat? And won't it get warm? Can someone now create a giant ice pack sleeve for all of our giant prosecco glasses? Anyway, the glass is бе14. 99 from - that may seem like a lot of money but it definitely beats the alternative which is just swigging straight from the bottle. "We do always encourage responsible drinking", The Present Finder explains on its website "but you'll be pleased to hear that this novelty gift comes in a fabulous gift box so it's a superb present even if you just want to poke a little fun".

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