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why does my border collie stare at me

After owning several great dogs over the years I had never had a Border Collie until I got married. бThe wife wanted one and, if you re married you know this, the wife pretty much gets what she wants. I knew enough about the breed to know that we were in for a challenge but there was something I was not so ready for or aware of. After being the happy owner of a Border Collie for over two years now I am simply amazed at how involved in our lives he has become. I donБt mean this is a sappy way and, in writing this, IБve had a tough time trying to explain it. What it boils down to is this; when this breed looks at you they really are looking right at you. As in, right in the eye. Not in an aggressive manner but in a questioning way like heБs asking, БSo, what next? Б The Border Collie look is really something to behold. This look started when he was very young. As a puppy IБd be working with him on training and heБd look me directly in the eye. Now, IБve always been told and read that this is an aggressive move used by dogs to establish dominance. I know
that look in a dog however this is something totally different. You may also have heard of people talking about the Border Collie Stare which is something different as well.

The stare is that look they get when their herding instinct kicks in and is unmistakable. We see it all the time whenever someone picks up tennis ball. What IБm talking about it an indepth intelligent look with an attentive БIБm listeningБ or a slightly impatient, БWhat are we doing next? Б sort of look that I have not seen before in other dogs. Other Border Collie owners IБve spoken with know БthatБ look. This is not the semi-blank stare you get while they wait for a treat or that look youБll get when you scratch behind the ears of most dogs. This is an inquisitive and interactive look that means something. Either he wants to go out or, most often, he simply is bored and wants you to give him something to do. These are, after all, pure working dogs and while we donБt own a farm or have sheep Ned the dog still needs a job! In order to have a good relationship with this breed lots and lots of training, patience and time is required to make it happen, far more than any other dog IБve had before. Through this time IБve learned that a special relationship is formed with your Border Collie. When he looks at me I get the unshakable feeling that he really is looking, listening and thinking about what is going on at the moment.

It has been a real challenge trying to figure out the best way to have a good relationship with our dog and IБve done more reading and studying on this topic than I ever would have imagined. In the end it has been a great experience and we now have a loyal and well behaved pet and a happy family because of it. You might also like. I'm going to show you all a video of what is going on tomorrow ( its 12:45 ) so today. I want you all to know that Bella isn't innocent in all this either. Grace has her problems but Bella can get Grace going. Anyway the video should show you all clearly how this is See u later. Then you need to work with both dogs on leaving the other one alone. However, for safety I'd be more concerned about teaching the larger dog to ignore the smaller one, regardless of what they're doing, because your big dog is going to be capable of hurting the smaller one. My in-laws have a little male Westie. The dog isn't trained at all (nice dog, but not well trained). Gabe's not great with other dogs, but these two have kind of figured out how to co-exist for a couple days at a time when we visit.

I generally carry a large bag of treats and do LOTS of leave-its with Gabe. When the other dog does something annoying (tries to steal his toy, gets up in his face when Gabe is FINALLY relaxing, etc. ) Gabe gets rewarded heavily for looking back to me and ignoring the dog. I regularly take Gabe into the basement or somewhere away from the other dog so things don't escalate. It's my job as the human to manage the situation, and try to make it the most positive experience for my dog as possible, and to make sure he's not escalating his behaviors to a point where he hurts another dog. IMO, it doesn't matter what the "cause" of the behaviors is, you need to put a stop to it. The staring needs to stop, because if she starts doing it to other dogs outside of your house, it's going to be a problem. You probably also need to work on the little dog's not "instigating" Grace as well, but don't forget this rude puppy just moved into her home, is staring her down and making her uncomfortable constantly, and she doesn't have a lot of recourse. She probably has good reason for being "not innocent" in this situation. There's no good reason for the puppy to stare at her uncorrected.

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