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why does my cat hump my other cat

IБve gotten emails to from people who are startled and disturbed when they find their cats humping. Whether theyБre humping another cat, humping blankets or humping, cat humping is a behavior that seems to freak people out. But rest assured that this behavior is normal, and both male and female cats do it. Why do cats hump? Humping is a natural thing, and it occurs for many reasons, the most important of which is hormones. Intact male cats will hump female cats as part of the sex act. They may also hump other male cats in the home, which is viewed by most experts as dominance behavior. Even neutered cats can hump, though, and this is particularly true if the cat was neutered later in life. If a cat suddenly starts humping, he may feel stressed by changes in his home environment, whether thatБs a new home, a new animal companion, new people or cats and other animals roaming around outside his home. Cats may also hump because they need more attention or play time. Older cats might hump kittens. According to, this is most often seen with spayed female cats, who may grab a kitten by the neck and appear to be humping him. This is more of a maternal discipline behavior than a sexual one; mother cats often grab their kittens and pin them down to tell them to cool it with a bothersome behavior. Why donБt cats hump as much as dogs do? In dog society, humping is a part of normal play behavior. In addition to masturbation or mating, dogs mount and even thrust as part of the games they play. This is truer for under-socialized dogs.

Because humping isnБt part of regular feline play behavior, you donБt see cats humping one another as often as you see this behavior in dogs. What should you do about cat humping? First of all,
never hit or throw things at your cat! Your cat wonБt understand why youБre doing it because he doesnБt see anything wrong with his behavior. The only thing youБll achieve is harming the bond between you and your cat. The best way to deal with cat humping is by distracting your cat when you see the signs that heБs about to start humping. YouБll notice body language like dilated pupils, purring and kneading very excitedly. If your cat is humping another cat, watch them as they interact. If the humper starts approaching the humpee in an aggressive way, clap your hands together and toss a toy to distract him. If your cat is in your lap when he starts humping, simply pick him up, give a kind but firm Бno,Б and set him on the floor. Since some cats hump if theyБre bored or frustrated, you may be able to prevent the behavior entirely by playing with your cat. Use a fishing pole toy, get your cat all revved up and let him achieve the thrill of victory by БkillingБ the toy. Grooming your cat is another way to give him attention that doesnБt result in humping. Finally, you can choose not to let it bother you. If your cat likes to go to town with a special toy, heБs just being a cat, and thereБs no shame in that. Should you ever worry about cat humping? If your cat is humping compulsively, youБre going to want to give him some stress relief.

Try using pheromone diffusers and interactive play. If there are cats or other animals outside your home, use humane deterrents like motion-activated sprinklers to keep them away. One final word of warning, though: if your cat is constantly licking his penis, a vet visit is in order because he could be suffering from a urinary tract infection or blockage. Do you have a cat that humps? What do you do about the behavior? Please share your stories in the comments! Thumbnail:б Photography by dk_photos/Thinkstock. Read more about cat behavior on Catster. com: You followed your veterinarian's advice and had your cat (surgically sterilized so he is unable to reproduce). So it's understandable that you were shocked the first time you saw him humping his toy bunny. Or your other cat. Or your leg. It can be funny sometimes but it can also be embarrassing or irritating. It has you throwing your arms in the air and wondering, "Why does my neutered cat hump things? " There are a few different reasons that cats may display humping behavior (grabbing an object, another cat, or a human body part with their teeth, holding on with the front paws, and thrusting) even after they have been surgically sterilized. Note: Humping behavior is seen in both male and female cats. Your cat may still have sex hormones present in his body. The hormones that govern sexual behavior in your cat aren't completely gone the moment that he is neutered.

In fact, your male cat can still sire kittens for a short period after the surgery. It takes 6-12 weeks for all of the hormones in circulation to be eradicated. If your cat is humping things and he didn't have his neuter surgery very long ago, this may be why. Your cat may have been neutered a little later in life. If your cat's sterilization surgery was done when he was a bit older, say over a year of age, the humping may be ingrained behavior now. Hormone-related behaviors like humping things, wanting to escape and roam, and urine-spraying are often seen to be reduced or never begun when a cat is neutered at 6 months or younger. These behaviors are all a bit harder to eradicate by neutering once they have become routine for your cat. That is not to say that surgery won't eliminate or drastically reduce them but if your cat was older when he was neutered, humping may be part of his behavioral pattern now. He has learned that it feels good. Your cat may be feeling stressed by a new addition or change in the home. Humping behavior is sometimes seen in adult cats that have never exhibited it before when there is a stressful circumstance present. This is most often the addition of a new cat. The first cat in the home may hump the new cat. This is usually thought to be stress-related in the first cat. Showing lots of attention to the first cat and trying to keep the rest of his environment and routine as normal as possible will often eliminate this type of humping behavior over time. Your cat may need more play time.

Humping behavior can sometimes be seen when a cat has pent up physical energy. If your cat has begun humping you or objects in the home, try inserting several extra into his day to wear him out. Your cat may be asking for more attention. Cats who begin humping one or more humans in the home may want more attention. Extra grooming and lap time can help this cat feel more secure and stop humping. Older cats may hump kittens. This is most often seen with female, spayed cats. They may grab a kitten in the household by the neck and appear to be humping her. Most cat experts agree that this is likely more of a maternal discipline behavior than a sexual one. Mother cats will often grab their kittens and pin them down to demonstrate that they should stop a certain behavior. Humping is usually a normal behavior in cats but it can be annoying to humans. If you can identify which of the above circumstances may be behind your cat's humping habit, you can use the knowledge to curb the behavior. Don't use negative (punishment based) methods if you attempt to stop your cat's humping behavior. They don't work and may make the situation worse if it is related to stress. Use positive reinforcement techniques any time you are trying to modify your cat's actions. Give rewards when your cat does what you want him to do. For instance, when you see him showing signs that he is about to hump his blanket, distract him with a toy and give him lots of praise for playing instead. You May Also Like These Articles:

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