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why does my cat hit me with her paw

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and. For donations and adoptions visit, or your local subreddits, i. e. r/ city or state. Cats like to communicate with pheromones, chemicals they produce in their scent glands to mark their territory and even their owners.

The bottoms of a kitty's feet contain scent glands that leave behind pheromones when he touches you with them. The presence of his scent on you comforts him and marks you as familiar -- he's saying "you're mine" with his scent. You may even notice that he starts with a tap with one foot but then proceeds to knead on you with both feet. This is a comforting behavior that reminds of nursing from his mom. To avoid any accidental scratches during tapping or kneading, keep your little one's nails trimmed or cover them with soft nail caps, available in pet supply stores.

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