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why does my body vibrate when i wake up

To get the right treatment, first you need an accurate diagnosis. Sometimes internal vibrations will improve once you treat the condition thatвs causing them. If your doctor canвt figure out the reason for your tremors, you might need to see a specialist for more tests. Parkinsonвs disease is treated with carbidopa-levodopa ( ),
(Mirapex), and (Requip). These drugs increase the amount of dopamine in your brain or they mimic the effects of dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical messenger that helps your body move smoothly. Essential tremor is treated with a type of blood pressure drug called a beta-blocker. It can also be treated with antiseizure drugs. MS treatment depends on the type of MS and its progression. It may include steroids to bring down inflammation in the brain and spinal cord. Other treatments include disease-modifying drugs like interferon and glatiramer acetate ( ). Certain medications can also specifically help control tremors. These drugs include: anticholinergic drugs like (Artane) and botulinum toxin A ( tranquilizers such as alprazolam ( ) or (Klonopin), if anxiety causes your tremors Working with a physical therapist can help you gain better muscle control, which may help with tremors. If other treatments havenвt worked, your doctor might recommend surgery. In a technique called (DBS), the doctor implants electrodes in your brain and a battery-operated generator in your chest. The generator delivers electrical pulses to parts of your brain that control movement.

Its amazing to see this discuss has been continuing for going on 7 years. I read a number of the posting and understand everyone s concern about their body vibrations. Word of warning, its very important through our experiences not to create stories about what is happening and further scare ourselves. It easy to get concerned and fearful about the unknown. My history is I ve been having body vibs since college I m currently 50+ years old. First started having them when I started a meditative practice in my 20s and then started to re-experience them in my 50s after returning to my practice. Please consider that western medical doctors have only one (of many) perspectives on health and healing. It works very well in emergencies to remove pain or prolong life but it is reactive (vs proactive preventative) in nature and focuses mainly on the physical body and its mechanics. As we are slowly learning in the west, the human experience is an integration of body, emotions, mind and spirit (energy). These aren t separate parts. Each part effects the other. (example): emotions effect thoughts, thoughts effect body, body effects emotions, etc. Add to the above, our western culture s propensity toward hyper-action. We over schedule, over work, over caffeinated in order to achieve. Subtly, we are taught learn not to slow down or relax. However, deep happiness and contentment comes from balance.

This is our natural state which we can maintain or not. Imbalance takes a lot of energy to maintain. this happens even when we can t sense we are out of balance. No wonder we become tired, fatigued and maybe even depressed as we continue to move faster and achieve. I m setting the state here. this is an aspect of western culture we currently live in and who s speed is only increasing. I have a very different perspective on our body vibrations. In fact, I have them most mornings when I awake. I enjoy them and often allow myself to settle into them. it is a very peaceful restful time when my body is singing to me. Very much like a cat when it happy purrs. the body does the same. But as you can see from the number and duration of messages here, our culture doesn t support this view and our medicine (doctors) doesn t understand it. Western doctors understand biology but fall short on subtler aspect of our experience: mind, emotions and spirit. These is a biological perspective to all this, we have a sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous system. These are meant to be balanced - activity rest - doing observing. Sympathetic nervous system is activity based. stimulation. fight/flight reaction. Para-sympathetic is resting. nurturing. digesting. pausing. sensing. feeling. Our culture and many around the world thrives off stimulating the sympathetic system. Always on. always alert. always active. No wonder we are tired by the end of the day.

We don t do as much to support the para-sympathetic. The body and mind want balance. wants homeostasis. A deep sleep, good sex, nice meal, contemplative meditation is all about activating the para-sympathetic nervous system. I suspect some of the over the counter sleep aid people have mentioned on this blog do the same. Our bodies want to return to balance. This is what these vibration are about. There is a redistribution happening in the body. thoughts, energy, emotions. And when this happens your body purrs. Don t be afraid of it. relax into it and trust. Part of truly re-balancing is allowing the para-sympathetic system to activate. but this is very difficult if your thoughts are whirling and your mind is trying to take control of the situation because you don t understand what is happening. Relax, enjoy and settle into the experience. this take a level of trust and letting go. (another trait our culture doesn t value) We have some much more left to learn about our body and this human experience. Th re-balancing of your energies is a normal and beautiful process. Step into it and see what you can learn about the more subtle aspect of your human life. below external, tangible the material. This is where life becomes full and juicy. it is also where true happiness and joy reside. It is and inside - out process Trust your body and its messages. settle in and enjoy the ride. and be flexible to learn and change.

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