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why does my armpit hair grow back so fast

There's never an easy solution. Shaving is painless but you gotta do it often. Waxing hurts, but hey, hair grows back slowly. Epilating FF(*(* *!!! hurts! But hair grows back really really slowly. Laser? Too expensive. Just continue with shaving, and give your two fellas a swipe every time you pop in the shower, it isn't really going to take that long. Laser might be worth it in the long run, but as always, look up reviews on certain products/treatments you decide to go for. Edit: Yes! As all posters above, you do eventually get used to pain and your body adjusts by making your (armpit) hair grow much more slowly.
It's the norm in American society that women are expected to have hair-free armpits, and there are also now many man who prefer to keep the area hairless as well.

But stopping hair from growing in selected regions of the anatomy is easier said than done, as there are no treatments guaranteed for permanent hair removal. There are, however, a few ways to rid your armpits of hair--even if not permanently. Easy, but not permanent.

Shave regularly after showering, so that the skin and hair follicles have softened, thus allowing for a closer cut and less frequent shaving. Talk to an electrologist and explore the possibility of getting electrolysis done on your armpits. Here's how it works: he'll insert a tiny needle into the hair follicles under your arm individually and using either chemicals or heat, blast the cells that cause hair to grow. There may be some pain involved, but it is the oldest medical hair removal procedure and the only one sanctioned by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration.

Laser hair away via a professional hair removal facility. A high-powered laser is used to kill selected follicles--in this case, under your arms. This may require multiple treatments and works best on fairer skinned people with dark hair. There are also home laser hair removal products available for purchase. Try IPL, or intense pulsed light treatments, which involved a high-powered light being used to disintegrate hair shafts. Also used to treat skin discoloration, it often requires multiple treatments and can cost $500 or more.

Buy some depilatory cream. Such creams can be found at your local grocery or drug store, and there are many to choose from. They use chemicals to break down the disulfide bonds in keratin and loosens the hair to the point where you can wipe it right off. Such creams are far from a permanent removal option. But they're quick and easy to use, so if you're unable to kill the hair growth permanently, at lease you won't be spending much time on regular treatments.

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why does my armpit hair grow so fast
why does my armpit hair grow fast
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