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why does consumer reports hate american cars

Chrysler gains 10 positions from last yearвbut it has only two models in its lineup. The all-new
minivan has average reliability, with some minor transmission issues. Reliability of the has been spotty, dropping to below average this year. Jeep seems to have worked out the transmission problems that plagued the early years of the, but the and remain below average. Still, our data shows marked improvement with these models each year, which is promising. The only Dodge model that does not have below-average reliability is the Grand Caravan. The is unreliable and uncompetitive in its class. The Charger and Challenger have improved over last year but are still below average. Ramвs pickup has improved to average, but the low standing of the and 3500 heavy-duty pickups keeps the brand near the bottom. Fiat would have ranked last, but we have sufficient data only on the. Because we require data on at least two models, Fiat is excluded from the ranking. Ford gains several spots and ranks 15th. The pickup improves to average reliability. However, the perennially least reliable Ford modelsвthe and вare still well below average, with ongoing clutch and transmission problems.

Some respondents reported a few problems with the new Sync3 infotainment system in the. As for Lincoln, the sedan has average reliability, and the and SUVs are below average. Overall, GMвs brands did not fare well this year, with most of them (aside from Buick) all in the bottom third group. Even Buick dropped five spots, to eighth this year, with the redesigned debuting with reliability that is well below average. The much-better-than-average reliability of the, and the better-than-average reliability of the and Chinese-built, all contribute to Buick staying afloat among the top 10. The new electric car is Chevroletвs most reliable model, with above-average reliability. However the plug-in hybrid remains below average, and the, which debuted with well-above-average reliability last year, plunged to below average this time around. The and sports cars dropped to below average, with complaints about their torque converters. The and 1500 pickups, and large truck-based and SUVs, maintain their below-average ratings. GMC and Cadillac occupy the bottom of the rankings. The Acadia debuted with well-below-average reliability and is among the 10 least reliable new vehicles.

Aside from some infotainment issues, problems with the drive system, power equipment, and climate system were also reported. And GMCвs pickups and large truck-based SUVs are still below average. All of Cadillacвs models have below-average reliability, including the new-for-2017 compact SUV. The continues to have problems such as a rough shifting transmission, and it ranks as the second least reliable new vehicle. For the first time, the has above-average new-car reliability. But the remains at well below average, and it is the least reliable new car in the entire Annual Auto Survey. We do not have sufficient data to rank Alfa Romeo, Jaguar, Genesis, Land Rover, Maserati, Mini, Mitsubishi, or Smart. [QUOTE="nocoolnamejim"][QUOTE="mohfrontline"] I don't see you throwing out statistics. Just telling me about how one of your friends magazines somewhere said once that japanese ricers have "far less mechanical problems" than american cars. No wonder we're in a recession. Look at the mindset of the people who live here. Bashing American made cars =/= bashing America. The people explaining their dislike of American automobiles ARE explaining why. Consumer Reports is a reliable, trusted name in terms of analyzing studies, data, etc.

Referencing it and pointing out that American made cars consistently score poorly in their ratings vs. their Japanese and German counterparts is far more statistically meaningful and relevant of a data source than you pointing out that your uncle and neighbor's American made auto has never broken. That's the equivalent of trying to say that the xbox360 is a more reliable console than the Wii or PS3 because your best friend plays his a lot and it has never broken. While that may be true, it is not statistically significant. no one has explained why, they just gave their opinion. I haven't seen any facts produced yet. I'm not saying I'm a wikipedia article myself, but you can't just say "well I read consumer digest 3 weeks ago and it told me that ricers beat domestics in reliablity". Could someone post a link to that article? It's in the 2009 issue of consumer report autos, a completely unobjective, unbiased research on consumer products. There are a few gm and ford products that are reliable, but the vast majority of reliable vehicles. Here, I'll even scan the stat chart for me if you want. Just give me a minute.

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