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why do they call africa the dark continent

The most common answer to the question, Why was Africa called the Dark Continent? is that Europe did not know much about Africa until the 19th century, but that answer is misleading. Europeans had known quite a lot, but they began ignoring earlier sources of information. More importantly, the campaign against slavery and missionary work in Africa actually intensified EuropeansБ racial ideas about African people in the 1800s. б They called Africa the Dark Continent, because of the mysteries and the savagery they expected to findбin the Interior. It is true that up until the 19th century, Europeans had little direct knowledge of Africa beyond the coast, but their maps were already filled with details about the continent. African kingdoms had been trading with Middle Eastern and Asian states for over two millennia.

Initially, Europeans drew on the maps and reports created by earlier traders and explorers like the famed Moroccan traveler Ibn Battuta who traveled across the Sahara and along the North and East coasts of Africa in the 1300s. During the Enlightenment, however, Europeans developed new standards and tools for mapping, and since they werenБt sure precisely where the lakes, mountains, and cities of Africa were, they began erasing them from popular maps. Many scholarly maps still had more details, but due to the new standards, the European explorers who went to Africa were credited with discovering the mountains, rivers, and kingdoms to which African people guided them. The maps these explorers created did add to what was known, but they also helped create the myth of the Dark Continent. The phrase itself was actually popularized by the explorer H. M. Stanley, who with an eye to boosting sales titled one of his accounts, Through the Dark Continent, and another, In Darkest Africa.

In the late 1700s, British abolitionists were campaigning hard against slavery. They published pamphlets described the horrid brutality and inhumanity of plantation slavery. One of the most famous images showed a black man
Why is Africa called the Dark Continent? March 8, 2011, Why is Africa called the Dark Continent?. Others thought it was because of the dark complexion of the living in it. Others explained that Europeans who are famous as explorer considered the continent as mysterious. Africa is a continent which was not influenced much by modern civilization that s why its culture and way of living was described as backwards.

The truth about Africa as Dark Continent can be explained in their history. In was in 1400 s when Europeans accepted slaves from Congo, one of the countries in Africa. Sine Europeans were known to be powerful, the African have no choice but to render their services as slaves. There was a sugar plantation in West Africa which was managed by Portuguese traders. Because of the growth of the plantations, more slaves were needed from Africa. These slaves were traded, captured, and kidnapped. Africa did not prosper because of slavery and poverty. The colonization of Western countries also added to the famine and sickness felt by African people. As Europe s enjoyed prosperity, Africa s economy was a slump. The torment and distress that made Africa suffer for centuries were the reasons why it was called as Dark Continent.

After centuries of struggles from war, hunger, and scarcity, Africa tried to survive. When imperialism was introduced, there were signs of progress. But then the inequality of the distribution of caused again more problems for Africa. Chaos and boundaries always prevent the Dark Continent to prosper. The imperialists government had been so powerful that Even the natural resources were not used up to the potentials. There was scarcity because the resources were depleted. The colonial rule exploited what Africa has. Now, Africa is starting to embrace a healthy economy. With independence and political stability, there is still hope for Africa. What has been known as the Dark Continent is slowly becoming the most promising land in the world. Why is Honor important? Why is Quebec not separate from Canada?

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