why does a cat need to play baseball

The anytime, anyplace way to play: 1. a ball (doesn't have to be a baseball--no glove(s)? use a tennis ball) 2. a bat (a broomstick will do or any other stick for that matter--about 2. 5 to 3 feet in length) 3. 4 bases and a pitching 'mound' -- bases can be just about anything and the 'mound' is the agreed upon spot to pitch from. 4. at least 2 players (you can use as many invisible runners as you need) 5. something to serve as a backstop if you don't want to be constantly chasing the ball. The official way: 1. a baseball field: 90' between bases, pitching mound no more than 10" above the level of home plate with the rubber 60' 6" away (measured from the back of home plate to the front of the pitching rubber or 'plate').

Home plate dimensions: 17" wide, 17" deep, 8. 5" straight, 12" angled--no depth specified, but must be level with the ground. Base dimensions: 15" square, no less than 3" but no more than 5" tall, filled with soft material. Pitching rubber dimensions: 6" inches wide by 24" long--no depth specified. 2. 18 players, 9 per side. 3. at least one umpire not associated with either team. three is better. 4. at least one baseball between 5 & 5 1/4" in circumference and weighing between 9 and 9 1/4 ounces. 5.

Baseball mitts all around. 6. Baseball uniforms all around. 7. Catcher's equipment for each catcher (shin guards, chest protector, catcher's mask and helmet, and a catcher's mitt). 8. At least 1 bat 9. Last, but certainly not least everybody needs an athletic supporter and cup! There are many, many more rules dictating the specifications for everything from uniforms and mitts to other field dimensions (foul lines, grass lines, etc) and pitching mechanics like what constitutes a 'balk. ' If you are interested in the official rules I encourage you to head on over to MLB. com to check them out.

I totally agree, but you can play with less people if you cant get all 18, i played a cracking game with 14 people, more fun than the 18 people!!. A Little skill can't hurt either.
A pink advertisement for T-Mobile on the outfield wall caught the catБs eye, and it leapt toward the heavens, scaling the advertisement. For a moment it seemed stuck under a yellow ledge, but it proved no obstacle as the cat found its way higher, above the outfield wall and clear of the field. БLook at this cat,Б Rich Waltz, a Marlins announcer, beamed on the teamБs broadcast.

БTerrific stuff by the cat. Outstanding! Б The cat settled itself away from the dirty hands of humans on a gaudy sculpture that lights up, sprays water and on the occasion of each Marlins home run. It lay down on a portion of the sculpture painted to look like water, but found no tuna or minnows. The baseball game resumed, and the Marlins announced that in the event of a home run. More than an hour after the game finished, the Marlins said the cat had darted away, eschewing the media spotlight, never to be seen again by its adoring fans. The Marlins beat the Atlanta Braves, 8-4.

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