why do they boil water when a baby is born

i AGREE with mother/baby. The support people often feel powerless and helpless, in the face of watching a loved one labor. I quite often will give them tasks or things to do to help so they don't feel left out or like a 5th wheel. In the end, I am only helping myself. It's common for me to introduce them to the monitors, machinery, and the kitchen. I give THEM the option of getting the ice chips and popcicles, if they choose, as well as ask them to convey information to family members as they wait.

This is usually helpful and they seem to relax measureably when they see they can help in some small way. It' s not just MEN who need this, either, but well-meaning moms, mothers-in-law and friends. Whoever is involved in supporting the laboring mom, gets brought in the loop as helper.
Hello everyone, I have 2 questions, please forgive me if they are stupid ones, I m a first-time Mum My DD is only a little over 2 weeks old feeding.

She has been bottle-fed almost exclusively from birth, although I was able to feed her expressed milk in the hospital.

My second week m now at home, but I m having trouble producing enough of my milk to feed her so I ve had to resort to formula. She was fed Karicare Sensicare by the nurses in the hospital but they said we could put her on Karicare Gold at home which we did. She is about halfway through the can (Not hard lumps but more of a consistancy like clay, poor thing cries so much when trying to dispel it though). 1.

Should we go back to the Sensicare which is for sensitive babies, or would the switch do more harm than good? 2. I ve read on this forum that cooled boiled water is helpful. Can you give this to newborns & do you give it to them after a feed or at any time during the day/night? Thanks for any advice.

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