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why does a cannon recoil when fired

An object being fired from a cannon is also a collision where momentum must be conserved. As the momentum before the collision is zero, the momentum after the collision is zero. In physics, this type of event is termed an explosion. 96 kg. This allows determination of the recoil. The total momentum before is zero so by the law of conservation of momentum the momentum after the ball is fired is also zero.

The negative sign means the cannon moves backwards to conserve the momentum in the explosion, this effect is known as recoil. Cannons on old wooden ships were allowed to roll backwards after firing.

If the cannons were attached to the deck what would have happened? This recoil is an essential part of firing any object. If the cannon was attached to the deck the recoil could have ripped apart the ship s deck.
Circle the letter of each sentence that is true about impulse and momentum. a.

When jumping from an elevated position down to the ground, you should keep your legs stiff to decrease the momentum. b. A wrestler thrown to the floor should extend his time hitting the mat by relaxing his muscles and spreading the impulse to his foot, knee, hip, ribs, and shoulder. c.

When a boxer gets punched, she should move her head away from the punch to increase the contact time and reduce the force. d. A dropped dish is more likely to survive a fall on carpet rather than concrete, because the softness of the carpet leads to increased contact time.

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