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william h. whyte the social life of small urban spaces

Probably one of the most well-regarded films about urban planning is now available online. *, a 1979 documentary by, explores the successes and failures of public spaces in New York City. It was made as part of a research effort spearheaded by The Street Life Project in conjunction with the Municipal Art Society of New York. For Whyte, small urban places are Бpriceless,Б and the city street is Бthe river of lifeБwhere we come together.

Б WhyteБs ideas are as relevant today as they were over 30 years ago, and perhaps even more so. This film is a great example of how anthropological observation and the moving image can be used to learn about the living fabric of the city. The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces Directed: William H. Whyte, USA, 1979, 58mins
Watch the Posted in: Date: February 1, 2015 In 1980, William H. Whyte published the findings from his revolutionary Street Life Project in The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces.

Both the book and the accompanying film were instantly labeled classics, and launched a mini-revolution in the planning and study of public spaces. They have since become standard texts, and appear on syllabi and reading lists in urban planning, sociology, environmental design, and architecture departments around the world.

Project for Public Spaces, which grew out of HollyБs Street Life Project and continues his work around the world, has acquired the reprint rights to Social Life, with the intent of making it available to the widest possible audience and ensuring that the Whyte family receive their fair share of HollyБs legacy.

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